We are so happy to share what our clients had to say after they came home after their medical travel. If you need to speak to someone personally, we are sometimes able to arrange this (due to privacy not everyone will be available).

“Thanks again for all your help – you guys offer a very unique service and I will be recommending you to anyone I come across who I feel could benefit from it!”

Tabitha, BCThyroid Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy, June 2021

“Everything went very smoothly yesterday. We arrived 1  1/2 hours early so I called to say I was out front, asked if they could bump me up, they said yes come on in. There were two techs working yesterday and they decided to stagger their lunches which accommodated me I was out an hour before my appointment. Very professional customer serviced office, social distanced the procedure took me around 10 minutes. They said results would be faxed by end of the day so hopefully, I will hear from the doctor on Monday. Thanks again for your prompt and caring service, I worked in the service industry for 40 years I would gladly have hired someone like yourself.”

Undisclosed Client, SKPrivate CT scan, March 2021

“I was very pleased with how quickly you began researching and organizing everything for us once we contacted you. Every question or concern either my husband or I had throughout the planning and trip, Leanna from Health Vantis was there to research and answer for us. ”

Undisclosed client, NBGYN Surgery, December 2020

“I could have gotten a new car or a new hip. My new hip is 100 times more precious to me than a new car. That said, it is deeply disappointing to me that the Canadian health system has allowed joint replacements to be so low on the totem pole, especially for relatively you and active people who could get back to productive work and more enjoyable and productive lives in general more quickly if the waitlist was shorter.”

Teresa HannahTotal Hip Replacement, October 2020

“You have been so wonderful from the first time we talked and you listened to my concerns to follows ups months later. I felt very taken care of with you. I can’t even imagine the stress of doing this on my own and am so grateful you were there every step of the way. Thank you!”

Undisclosed Client, ABGYN Surgery, March 2020

“After years of fruitless searches and inquiries to correct a severe haemorrhoid problem I turned to Health Vantis for assistance. Christy and Leanna treated me with great care and compassion and ultimately were able to direct me to a facility that met my needs. At this time I am 5 months post surgery and I’m feeling great. My procedure exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Health Vantis as I believe from my own experience that Christy and Leanna truly care about your well being.”

Brad MaceyGI treatment, Okotoks, Alberta

“I can’t say enough good things about Health Vantis. Leanna and Christy arranged my hip replacement surgery in New Hampshire. They covered every detail from finding the right doctor to a hotel nearby. They were thorough, professional and best of all they really cared. I’d happily recommend their services to anyone. Ask them for my phone number and call me if you have any doubts.”

Carson MacLeodHip Replacement, Lower Onslow, Nova Scotia

“I just wanted to let you know and to also thank you for helping me when no one else would. 

I won’t forget your assistance and know where to go or send others, should the need arise.  Thank you again.”

Undisclosed ClientGYN surgery, Ontario

“Once again thank you for all your help. The doctor was awesome. A very compassionate and dedicated doctor. He even paid me a hotel visit half an hour ago.

Have been pain free despite the fact that not only my tibia was messed up but also my femur bone was badly damaged. I came home around noon, have been pain free since then. Sue, the physiotherapist worked with me at the clinic(small, beautiful clinic, I was the only patient today) and she will be coming tomorrow again.

Pray all goes well next few days, I know I am in good hands.

I am so glad I met you, feels like you were angel sent to help me. I really appreciate your care and your promptness in dealing with my knee.”

Undisclosed ClientPartial Knee Replacement, Alberta