5 Things A Medical Facilitator Can Do For You

What exactly does a Medical Facilitator Do?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term Medical Facilitator. We certainly were before starting our business. We had no idea a Medical Facilitator existed, exactly what they did, what their purpose was or just how valuable they could be. The more we learned about it, the more we realized just how many facets there were to what they do.  Traveling for medical treatment is very complicated. Medical Facilitators wear many hats.  In this blog, we’d like to explore some of the things they can do to save you time.

1.Research, Research, Research!  

Many people don’t realize just how much research Medical Facilitators do and how much time it requires. If you need a surgery and have decided not to wait for the system, you don’t just throw a dart and say this doctor looks good, lets go with him/her. You would probably start with exploring your options spending endless hours on your computer and making phone calls trying to find the appropriate place, doctor and facility. Medical facilitators do all of this for you. A reputable Medical Facilitator will have already established relationships with the hospital administration and will know of treatments unavailable in Canada or who to contact to explore those. They have visited the facility, done site inspections, verified facility/hospital and doctor credentials and explored the area to make sure it is a safe area to travel to. After a thorough patient intake interview they will have the specialized knowledge and expertise in knowing where to start.  They set off to do it for you.

2. Secure and safe way to transfer your medical records 

They already have systems in place to collect your medical records and get them to the appropriate facility(s) to get an accurate quote. This can be time consuming as not all doctor’s offices in Canada are easy to get records from and require multiple follow ups. Medical Facilitators ensure your records are collected in a safe and confidential manner through an established system that can go directly to the medical facility.

3. Easy Quote 

Many hospitals and facilities are not equipped to handle a medical traveler.  Trying to get a quote can be difficult. A Medical Facilitator will already have established contacts and know exactly who to call for these, negotiated rates and/or discounts not available to the public. They will be connected with financial institutes should you need financial assistance.

4. Coordinating communication between patient and surgeon 

You want to be comfortable with your doctor if you are having a surgery.  A Medical Facilitator can make the arrangements for you to communicate with the doctor or surgeon to ensure all of your concerns or questions are answered to accomplish that. They can connect your home town physician to the physician abroad in the event there are any questions.

5. Arranging travel logistics 

Medical Facilitators are a huge help with arranging travel details.  They can book your flights, help with passports, and organize accommodations and transportation. Medical Facilitators will be familiar with the area and hotels that can accommodate someone that may require an extended visit or additional handicapped assistance after a surgery and/or immediate physical therapy or home health care. They make sure extended care is established prior to your surgery.   This is to ensure the continuation of care is established. A Medical facilitator takes on the responsibility of making sure all of your questions are answered.

Traveling for medical care can be a very stressful or worrisome journey. Medical Facilitators ensure no small detail is left out or overlooked.  They provide you with the trust, care and support you will need. Making the decision to invest into your health is a big one. It takes a lot of time and research to make sure your final outcome becomes a good one. Hiring someone specialized with the knowledge and expertise in knowing how to do that will save you time and give you a better outcome. For more details on how Health Vantis can help you achieve that, please contact us!

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