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To make medical travel experiences as comfortable and reassuring as possible, we provide you with the following thoroughly researched and highly credible resources for your medical complications insurance and overall medical financing needs.

We want you to be knowledgable about all potential aspects of your medical travel experience and utilize tools which will make your medical travel plans as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Medical Travel Financing and Medical Complications Coverage


The US is known for its newer, more sophisticated medical technologies, and most of them are readily available with no waitlists. However, across the border, immediate access sometimes comes at a premium such as the case with cancer treatment.

The outlay for US health care can be significant in certain circumstances. We understand this and have worked extensively to find the leading doctors and facilities which do not over-charge you for your visit. We acquire the most reasonable and competitive rates without compromising the quality of service and care you receive.

Even so, not everyone can afford to pay-out-of-pocket for a consultation or surgical procedure. If this is the circumstance in which you find yourself, rest easy. There are still available means for you to achieve your medical goals. We provide 2 options through which you may be able to finance your journey.  Please click their icons for more information on how to be approved for affordable, monthly payments.


Medical Complications Coverage

We are proud to partner with Custom Assurance Placements, who administer the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) program.  GPS is the worldwide leader in providing risk mitigation solutions specifically for medical travelers / tourists.  While the risk of complications is low at our providers, they can happen. The majority of them occur after a surgery or procedure has been done. Because of this, you may want to explore Medical Complications Coverage. For details, please click here.

Travel Agency

As part of Health Vantis service, your travel and accommodations are arranged for you. We are certified Nexion travel agents.  From booking your hotel and air to transportation while on the ground, we complete your package so no detail is left out.  Our relationship with travel partners get you exclusive deals and special amenities when available.  See our travel website for more details.

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