Consider Medical Travel for Plastic Surgery

Defined as the alteration, reconstruction or restoration of the human body, plastic surgery is often thought of as elective surgery. While we can help individuals seeking elective surgery, Health Vantis focuses on assisting those for whom plastic surgery is a medical necessity.

The average wait time for plastic surgery in Canada is 25.9 weeks according to a Global News article titled Q & A: How long are medical wait times in Canada by province and procedure? Avoid this lengthy delay by considering Medical Travel for your plastic surgery. Health Vantis can show you how.

Expedite Plastic Surgery Through Medical Travel

Avoid the lengthy waitlists in Canada for plastic surgery by considering Medical Travel for the following:

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)
  • Craniofacial (Skull or Face Surgery)
  • Hand Surgery
  • Mammoplasty (Breast Surgery)
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)
  • Scar Revision (Change Appearance of Scars Through Surgery)
  • Septoplasty (Nasal Septum Surgery)

*Contact us if you don’t see a plastic surgery listed you are interested in having done.

Organizing Medical Travel for Plastic Surgery

Health Vantis is operated by Certified Medical Tourism Facilitators. We help you coordinate all the details necessary for a safe and worry-free journey to and from your medical destination for plastic surgery.

We provide constant communication with you before and after your treatment or procedure, as well as assisting with the arrangement of your flights, hotels, and ground transportation. The costs associated with Medical Tourism are often misunderstood. See the sidebar for clarification.

Questions About Medical Travel for Plastic Surgery?

You probably have a lot of questions. Not a problem. We’re here to help you organize the most suitable, beneficial, and timely Medical Travel for the plastic surgery you require.

Why not call us Toll FREE today at 1-877-344-3544 for answers. You can also reach us by email at