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“Christy at Health Vantis was my life line through this entire process and she continued to check in and do things for me post surgery. She constantly put my mind at ease, always kept me fully informed and responded to my questions quickly. Christy’s expertise and experience were invaluable to my self and my husband. She guided us and supported us from the beginning when I sent her my initial information, until every last detail was tied up after surgery. Thank you Christy.”  Undisclosed Customer – Alberta


Many Canadians are unsatisfied with medical wait times and are seeking private faster options. Below are some questions to ask yourself if you will benefit the most from our service. If you answered yes to one or more questions below, you will take yourself leaps ahead on getting your surgery done privately by working with Health Vantis.

1. Are you able and willing to travel to the USA?

2. Are you a busy person with little time to do the research, make multiple phone calls and follow up?

3. Do you have access to your medical records, such as results of your diagnostic testing, specialists visits and hospital stays records?

4. Are you tired of waiting for the system to help you?

Why Travel for Neurological, Spine, Back and Neck Treatments?

Back pain accounts for more disability claims and time off work than any other medical condition outside of the common cold. Back pain is debilitating, stressful, and persistent. How long have you been off work or how many days and special events have you missed due to this? Don’t miss another day. Consider having your surgery done at a private facility. Most people who travel for spinal surgery will tell you they wish they had done it sooner.

Traveling for spine, back and neck ailments to relieve pain is a faster and more efficient resolution than being on a waitlist. Our private clinics can offer alternative treatment options currently unavailable in Canada, depending on your circumstances.

Common neurological procedures accessible with private health care include:

  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion Levels 1 & 2 Surgery
  • Carotid Endarterectomy Surgery
  • Cervical and Lumbar Facet Joint Blocks Surgery
  • Cervical and Lumbar Nerve Root Block Epidural Blood Patch
  • Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation of Spinal Nerve Cervical and Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection Surgery
  • Lumbar Fusions Levels 1 & 2 Surgery
  • Lumbar Laminectomy Surgery – What is laminectomy?
  • Microdiscetomy Surgery
  • Spinal Nerve Ablation/Rhizotomy Surgery
  • Deep Brain Stimulator Implant for Parkinson’s
  • Neurostimulators for back (*5 year wait list in Canada for this) Surgery

Private Health Care for Less Common Neurological, Spine, Back and Neck Treatments

Treatments listed below are currently unavailable in Canada. Health Vantis offers access to those in the USA:

  • Paraplegic and Quadriplegics on Ventilator Dependency
  • Individuals who have had a Stroke (CVA) and have Swallowing Difficulties or Paralysis
  • Neuropathy
  • Chronic Headache Issues
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Foot Drop
  • Pudendal Neuralgia
  • Brachial Plexus Reconstruction

Health Vantis Provides Private Health Care Options for Neurological, Spine, Back and Neck Patients

Health Vantis assists you in finding the right surgeon in advanced hospital settings. We give you private options that are economically feasible.

Besides helping you arrange your surgery or treatment, we also take care of travel arrangements, on-ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and any special requests you might have.

Still Need Information On Private Surgery Options for Neurological, Spine, Back and Neck Ailments?

Health Vantis is here to answer any questions. Call us NOW Toll FREE at 1-877-344-3544. Or send us an email to