Hip Replacement Through Medical Tourism Surgery

Hip replacement procedures are becoming more common as the population ages and waitlists grow. Surgery through Medical Tourism helps you restore quality of life much sooner.

Why Hip Replacement Surgery Through Medical Tourism?

Whether you are suffering from an injury, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, bone tumours or osteonecrosis, delaying medical treatment hampers mobility and increases the likelihood of continued pain until our current health care system finds the time to treat you.

Many Canadians are receiving Orthopedic relief by undergoing surgery outside their own borders as Medical Tourists for the following:

  • Arthrodesis Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint Fusion) Surgery
  • Arthroscopic Reconstruction of Hip Labrum Surgery
  • Arthroscopic Trochanteric Bursectomy Surgery
  • Hip Arthroscopy Complex Surgery
  • Hip Arthroscopy Simple Surgery
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty Surgery

Health Vantis Arranges Medical Tourism Hip Replacements

Health Vantis helps people like you quickly find and arrange highly skilled surgeons in the US who perform hip replacements in up-to-date, technically savvy institutions and hospitals.

Having visited all of the facilities we work with, our fact-finding process guarantees we provide you the most beneficial services and practitioners in the safest and most economical means possible (more in the sidebar).

Wait Times for Hip Replacement Surgery in Canada

In an article titled What I Learned About Our Healthcare System While Waiting for Hip Surgery , retired professor of actuarial science Rob Brown indicated the median wait time for hip surgery in BC is “70 weeks”. Health Vantis feels this is much too long.

Health Vantis Goals for Medical Tourism Hip Replacements

Our soul purpose is to help you find a hip replacement through Medical Tourism surgery as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We have dedicated our business to helping Canadians find solutions for their ongoing medical issues outside of regular channels.

If you are open to considering hip surgery by becoming a Medical Tourist to the US, Health Vantis would like to help you realize your goals. We can be reached by email at info@healthvantis.com or by calling us Toll FREE at 1-877-344-3544.