Medical Tourism in the US for Hand Surgery

If you are thinking about Medical Tourism to have hand surgery in the US you are not alone. Many Canadians are experiencing long wait lists for operations which could be completed more quickly outside of their sovereign borders.

Hand Surgery Through Medical Tourism

Losing the dexterity associated with your hand or wrist is often reason enough for people to consider Medical Travel for their required operation. Health Vantis helps you arrange your travel needs, accommodation, and operation at facilities in the US.

The following is a list of medical procedures which can be treated more quickly by the facilities and doctors we have thoroughly investigated:

  • Arthroplasty Surgery
  • Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
  • Dupuytrens Contracture -*New treatment available at one of our facilities
  • Excision of Lesion of Tendon Sheath or Joint Capsule such as a Cyst or Ganglion
  • Fasciectomy Surgery
  • Flexor Tendon Surgery
  • Intercarpal or Carpometacarpal Joints Synovectomy Surgery
  • Interphalangeal Joint Surgery
  • Interposition Surgery
  • Palm and/or Finger Surgery
  • Partial Palmar with Release of Single Digit including Proximal Surgery
  • Radical (Tenosynovectomy) Surgery
  • Suspensionplasty Surgery
  • Trigger Finger Surgery
  • Wrist Surgery

The Facilities Offering Medical Tourism for Hand Surgery

Health Vantis has personally visited all facilities we suggest to ensure your experience will be as professional and cost-effective as possible (see sidebar for more details). We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your Medical Tourism needs for hand surgery and then present the most appropriate facilities and doctors for your individual circumstances.

Questions About Medical Tourism for Hand Surgery?

We have the answers you need. Visit our FAQ page for more specific information or contact us directly about your Medical Travel for hand surgery by calling us Toll FREE at 1-877-344-3544 or emailing us at

Let us help you regain control over your medical future.