Medical Tourism for Ankle or Foot Surgery

If you’re seeking medical tourism surgery for a Bunionectomy, Fracture, Sprain, Hammertoe, Neuromas or Plantar Fasciitis you’ve come to the right place. Ankle and foot injuries are painful and waiting for proper procedures and treatment can be a frustrating and time-consuming process in Canada.

Evaluating Medical Tourism for Ankle or Foot Surgery

Health Vantis has already researched dozens of hospitals and facilities across the US who can treat you now. We focussed on the ones who provide ankle or foot surgery for medical tourists in the most timely and cost effective manner (see sidebar for details).

We have personally visited each facility, met with administration, and walked through the steps which you, as our client, would experience. Facility and physician credentials have been verified, assuring your medical tourism arrangements for foot or ankle surgery are supported by professional institutions and individuals.

Medical Travel Procedures for Foot or Ankle Surgery

Based on our research, we are confident in providing medical travel for the following ankle and foot surgical procedures:

  • Arthrodesis, Great Toe; Metatarsophalangeal Joint Surgery
  • Achilles Repair Surgery
  • Brostrum Ligament Reconstruction Surgery
  • Bilateral Bunionectomy Surgery
  • Bunionectomy Surgery
  • Gastrocnemius Recession Surgery
  • Hammertoe (1, 2 & 3) Surgery
  • Neuroma Excision Surgery
  • Osteotomy Partial & Full Excision Surgery
  • Plantar Fasciitis Ultrasound Treatment (Shockwave) Surgery
  • Plantar Fasciotomy/Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

Medical Travel Surgery Through Health Vantis

Health Vantis is here to assist you through all your travel arrangements, your surgery booking at the appropriate medical facility, and making sure you arrive home again safely post-operation. The quicker you’re back on your feet the better you’re going to feel.

If you have any queries about the medical health travel for ankle or foot surgery, or want to know more about the institutions we recommend, call us Toll FREE today at 1-877-344-3544. You can also reach us by email at