Many Canadians are concerned with cost when they hear medical treatment in the US, and rightly so. However, facilities we work with are experienced in pricing their services for Canadian customers in a bundled payment.

The pricing for surgeries is comparable if not better than other common or popular destinations such as Mexico or Costa Rica.  The difference is that the high standards are verifiable: customer service satisfaction, mortality, infection and re-admit rates, hospital accreditation, doctor certification, license standing and prior legal claims. Not all countries track or publicly provide this information.  This transparency gives our clients reassurance and the peace of mind they need when they make their decision.

You can afford the excellent care or surgery without flying across the world and increasing the risk of complication.

Our agreement with Cancer Treatment Centers of America allows for 40-50% discounts off the pricing you would receive if you called in on your own.

If you require a surgery or a treatment and want to get it done in a timely manner, please contact us and inquire about it. We offer a free one-hour evaluation. If it turns out that we can’t help you, we can probably suggest where you could pursue further information.

There are no wait times at our facilities.

Note – As with any medical facilitator, pricing does not include the cost to travel and accommodations or our fee.   Health Vantis charges an industry standard fee for our services which falls within 10-15% of the cost of the procedure.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote and let Health Vantis be your advocate for obtaining the results you deserve!