Urology Wait Times in Canada: Increase of11.9 Weeks in 2023 vs 2022

Waiting for an elective Urology surgery in Canada has become a significant concern for patients and healthcare professionals alike. The prolonged wait times for urological procedures have a detrimental impact on patients’ quality of life and overall well-being. This blog aims to highlight the latest Urology surgery wait times as reported by the Fraser Institute.

Understanding Urology Medical Wait Times

Urology medical wait times refer to the length of time patients have to wait for elective urological procedures, such as bladder repair, hydrocelectomy, epididymectomy, and others. These wait times are measured from the moment a patient is referred to a specialist to the actual date of the procedure. It is broken down in two components: the wait time to see the specialist and the wait time from seeing the specialist to actual surgery. In Canada, these wait times have been steadily increasing over the years, leading to concerns about the accessibility and efficiency of GYN care.

2023 Report

According to the Fraser Institute’s yearly publication on medical wait times, Waiting Your Turn: Wait Times for Health Care in Canada, 2023 Report median wait time from GP referral to see a Urologist in 2023 was 23 weeks. In 2022 it was 10.6 weeks

The median wait time between an appointment with a specialist and treatment in Urology in 2023 was 8.1 weeks. In 2022 it was 8.7 weeks.

The total wait time in 2022 was 19.2 weeks. In 2023 it is 31.1. We observe an increase of 11.9 weeks.

Regional Differences

It must be noted that Urology wait times vary widely depending on the province you live in. Generally speaking, Maritime residents have the longest wait times, and Ontario residents have the shortest. 2023 report states that the median total expected waiting time from referral by GP to Urology treatment was the highest in Nova Scotia at 99.5 weeks and the lowest in Ontario at 21.9 weeks. The difference between the national 31.1 weeks to the highest is more than triple!

Should You Consider Private Urological Procedure

Provincial governments’ improvements being made are not doing much for the wait times for Urology surgeries. Many provincial governments are struggling to put more money into healthcare and federal help is being given for provincial healthcare however a big chunk of that money is allocated to mental health, an issue in itself and not subject to this blog.

On a personal level – what can be done? There are private options for Urology surgery in Quebec and the USA.

According to the Fraser Institute “this year’s survey of specialists also found that an estimated 1.8% of patients received elective treatment in another country during 2022/23. Physicians also report that only about 13.7% of their patients are on a waiting list because they requested a delay or postponement, and that 47.1% would agree to have their procedure performed within a week if an opening arose. Thus, despite provincial strategies to reduce wait times and high levels of expenditure on health care, it is clear that patients in Canada are waiting too long to receive treatment.”

If you are considering a private Urology surgery we are here to help. You can reach us by email info@healthvantis.com or toll-free 877 344 3544 to see if private Urology surgery is for you.

Private Hydrocelectomy 

Private Hydrocelectomy 

Hydrocelectomy is a surgery to remove a fluid filled sac inside the scrotum.  It can happen on one or both sides of the scrotum.  These can from due to an injury or inflammation caused by infection.  Typically, a hydrocele goes away on it’s own within 6-12 months, however, if it does not resolve on its own, then surgical repair is necessary to prevent further complications. It is a relatively minor surgery and most people return home the same day.  Unfortunately, urology surgeries like this are considered elective and almost always have a wait time.  

In 1993, the average wait time from urology specialist to surgery was 4.2 weeks.  This has more than doubled with the new average at 10.6 weeks in 2022.  Leaving a hydrocele not attended to when surgery is required can cause an inguinal hernia or tumor.  Keep in mind that you will have already had it for 6-12 months in the hopes it resolves on it’s own.  Not having it dealt with in a timely manner could result in more issues down the road, not to mention the daily swelling and pain they cause.

Hydrocelectomy can be done on a private basis in Canada and in the US.  The pricing in the US starts at $5750 USD with a $200 USD consultation fee and $5500 CAD with a $750 consultation fee.  Consultations can be set up within a week or 2 of medical records being received and a surgery date within a couple weeks after that.  *The Canadian facility can be more like 6-8 weeks.  Pricing is for unilateral.  Bilateral will be additional.

If you are on the wait list for this procedure and would like to explore your options, contact Health Vantis at info@healthvantis.com or 877-344-3544.


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Private Penile Implants

Private Penile Implants

One of the more common inquires we get is a private surgery for a penile implant.  These are surgically implanted to allow men with erectile dysfunction to get an erection.  Penile Implants are typically recommended after other treatments for erectile dysfunction have failed.  Wait times to get this surgery are almost always far into the future and men will seek private surgery to speed things up.

There are 2 different types of penile implants: Inflatable implants and semirigid rods.  Inflatable implants, the most common type, has a 3-piece and 2-piece option.  A 3-piece implant uses a fluid filled reservoir implanted under the abdominal wall, a pump and release valve that is in the scrotum.  There are 2 inflatable cylinders inside the penis.  Fluid, which is salt water, is pumped from the reservoir to the inflatable cylinders.  The 2-piece is similar in how it works, however, the fluid reservoir is implanted in the scrotum.  The semirigid rods keep the penis firm all of the time.  It can be bent away from the body for sexual activity and moved towards the body for concealment.  

Most penile implants start at $20,000 whether done in the US or Canada. Consultation fees to have medical records reviewed are in the $200-$750 range depending on the facility. Not everyone will be a candidate.  Also keep in mind that you are required to have a responsible companion/adult travel with you whether it is at a facility in the US or Canada.  You cannot go home with an Uber or taxi driver.

If you are waiting for a penile implant and wish to consider private options, contact Health Vantis to assist you at info@healthvantis.com or 877-344-3544.


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Private Urology Clinics in Canada and the USA

Urological surgeries and diagnostics

Urology is a medical specialty that studies and treats diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Urologists treat bladder problems, UTIs (urinary tract infections), bladder and kidney cancer, ED (erectile dysfunction), and prostate cancer. Some common procedures a urologist performs are vasectomy, TURP or REZUM procedure, cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, and prostate biopsy, just to name a few.  Some of the urological procedures have long wait times in Canada.

Wait times to see a urologist in Canada

Wait times differ from province to province, and even within a province, there may be different wait times for different urologists and hospitals where they perform surgical or diagnostic procedures. In Ontario, Toronto area, the average wait time to see a urologist for partial Excision of the Prostate for priority 4 patients is 56 days, and from that to surgery is 122 days. So it’s about 6 months wait for non-urgent issues in Ontario. In Nova Scotia things look different, for a laparoscopic prostate surgery it takes 78 days to see a Urologist and then 219 days to get to surgery, so overall a bit over a year for a non-urgent case.

Private Urological procedures in Canada

Some Canadians do not wish to wait this long and seek private Urology options. There are limited facilities that offer private urological consultation and treatments. Hydrocele removal, TURP, or REZUM procedures can be done here in Canada. Green Light therapy requires traveling to the US. If you are interested in learning about your private options in Urology please give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us at info@healthvantis.com

Private Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implant surgery can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It involves placing a prosthetic device inside the penis and scrotum. Such a device helps achieve an erection and regain sexual function. The surgery is usually recommended for those who tried other treatments such as medication or a penis pump, but they didn’t work.

In Canada, different provinces have different coverage for penile implants. Check with your urologist or family doctor what is covered and if you qualify. Because implants permanently change the tissue in the penis, they are not used for men whose erection problems are psychological. When considering private surgery for erection problems, it is important to include your partner in your decision.

If you were put on a lengthy provincial waitlist and are unwilling to wait, we can help. We have established relationships with accredited outpatient surgical facilities in the US that can do the surgery without the wait. Contact us toll-free 877 344 3544 to find out more information.

Private Cystoscopy

Cystoscopy is a urologic test that checks the health of your bladder and urethra. It is done by examining the lining of the bladder and urethra with a cystoscope, a thin tube with a camera, and light on the end. The cystoscope is inserted through the urethra.

This diagnostic procedure is a short one – in most cases, it lasts less than 5 minutes and is usually done under local anesthesia (gel or liquid) and you will be awake and able to see the procedure on the screen. In most cases, the results can be discussed right after the procedure.

Cystoscopy is recommended when blood is detected in your urine, you experience frequent or/and painful urinary tract infections, or use the bathroom very often. It can detect bladder or urethra tumors or cancer, bladder stones, enlarged prostate, and scarring or damage caused by UTIs.

The waitlists in the public system can differ depending on the province you are in and the priority of your indicated condition. If you are unwilling to wait and would like to arrange a private cystoscopy, we can assist. Please note that there are no private cystoscopies in the Maritime provinces and you will have to travel outside your local area. To find out more, please email us at info@healthvantis.com or call us toll-free 877 344 3544.


Private Urology Surgery

Urological surgeries usually involve urinary organs in females and the urinary tract and reproductive organs in males. Common urological procedures include kidney and ureter surgeries, removal of the prostate, bladder surgery, testicular surgery or surgery to the penis.

Conditions treated by urologic surgery include neurogenic sources like spinal cord injury; injuries to the pelvic organs; chronic digestive and urinary diseases; as well as prostate infections and inflammations. Common surgery names can be found on our Urology page.

Wait times to see a urologist in Canada vary depending in the province, specialist and the procedure to be done. If you feel that your wat time is too long and would like to explore your private options, give us a call at toll-free 877 344 3544 to talk about your private options.