Private Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Canada – Is It possible?

What is a laparoscopic hysterectomy?

A laparoscopic hysterectomy is a minimally invasive surgery to remove the uterus. It is done under general anesthesia and is a day surgery. Small incisions in the abdomen are made for surgical tools and a tiny camera. The uterus is then removed in sections through the incisions or vagina. The advantages of a laparoscopic hysterectomy are less blood loss, less potential for infection and faster recovery.

Wait times to see a GYN and get a surgery

A laparoscopic hysterectomy is an elective surgery and is scheduled ahead. Canadian women, unfortunately, face delays in accessing this surgery. The path to get to it can take up to a year and a half and in some provinces even longer. Just to see a GYN you will need to see your family doctor, get a referral, and then wait for weeks and even months. For many women, this is frustrating and interferes with their quality of life.

Is it possible to get a private laparoscopic hysterectomy in Canada?

To this day and to our best knowledge, there are no private laparoscopic hysterectomies that are available in Canada. We are not sure about the reasons behind it, as some other private surgeries are done here in Canada, such as private joint replacement.

Private options in the USA

Health Vantis works with private medical facilities in the US that offer safe, affordable, and timely laparoscopic hysterectomies.  You will need a companion to come with you and pick you up from the surgical center and take you to a hotel to recover. To start the process, you should have a recent ultrasound, within the last 6 months. We follow a straightforward process when managing private surgery cases. To find out how it works call us toll-free at 877 344 3544 or email us at In addition, you can watch a short 2 min video here.

Private Knee Replacement Surgery Cost

Private knee replacement in Canada and the USA

With the medical wait times becoming longer and longer, some Canadians choose to seek private surgery. The wait in Canada can be up to 2 years, however, if you are able to go private, we can usually assist you to get your private knee replacement surgery in 3-8 weeks, depending on your particular situation. Usually, if you had a recent X-ray (within the last 6 months) and have your medical records such as radiology report and imaging, it takes less time. If we have to obtain your records, it takes longer, as provinces have up to 30 days to provide us with your medical records after a consent form has been signed and sent in.

How much does it cost?

In general, a knee replacement is about $28,000, in Canadian or US dollars. Of course, because the Canadian dollar is not doing so well right now, the US option becomes more expensive. However, when choosing where to go, you should consider not only the cost but the expertise and reputation of a particular private clinic and surgeon.

Other factors to consider

When it comes to expertise, we usually provide people with a number of surgeries a particular surgeon does a year. Expertise comes with experience, and the more of it is done, the better expert a doctor is, in general terms. Another factor we always point out to our clients is the level of client care and therefore satisfaction that a surgeon and his staff provide. Some of the facilities we work with in the US go way above and beyond – they are available to answer all your questions pretty much at any time, are willing to make a hotel visit if needed after the surgery, and provide help and guidance later during the recovery process.

Private options and medical concierge service

Traveling for medical reasons can be complicated. Health Vantis provides full medical concierge service and case management from the first phone call until the return home for recovery. Our clients select where they go and we take care of all the details and logistics. If you are looking for a private knee replacement and are curious about our service, please give us a call toll-free 877 344 2544 or email us at


Private Urology Clinics in Canada and the USA

Urological surgeries and diagnostics

Urology is a medical specialty that studies and treats diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Urologists treat bladder problems, UTIs (urinary tract infections), bladder and kidney cancer, ED (erectile dysfunction), and prostate cancer. Some common procedures a urologist performs are vasectomy, TURP or REZUM procedure, cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, and prostate biopsy, just to name a few.  Some of the urological procedures have long wait times in Canada.

Wait times to see a urologist in Canada

Wait times differ from province to province, and even within a province, there may be different wait times for different urologists and hospitals where they perform surgical or diagnostic procedures. In Ontario, Toronto area, the average wait time to see a urologist for partial Excision of the Prostate for priority 4 patients is 56 days, and from that to surgery is 122 days. So it’s about 6 months wait for non-urgent issues in Ontario. In Nova Scotia things look different, for a laparoscopic prostate surgery it takes 78 days to see a Urologist and then 219 days to get to surgery, so overall a bit over a year for a non-urgent case.

Private Urological procedures in Canada

Some Canadians do not wish to wait this long and seek private Urology options. There are limited facilities that offer private urological consultation and treatments. Hydrocele removal, TURP, or REZUM procedures can be done here in Canada. Green Light therapy requires traveling to the US. If you are interested in learning about your private options in Urology please give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us at

Hysterectomy by Choice in Canada

What is hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure done under general anesthesia to remove the uterus, and sometimes ovaries and fallopian tubes (total hysterectomy). There are many reasons hysterectomies are done, such as to correct serious issues that interfere with normal functions (endometriosis, fibroids, prolapse), improve the quality of life (heavy bleeding, pelvic pain), and to save a life (cancer cases). In the majority of cases, hysterectomy is an elective procedure. All non-surgical options should be discussed with a GYN and explored prior to considering a hysterectomy.

Wait times in different provinces

Since hysterectomy is an elective procedure, it is scheduled. As with many scheduled surgeries in Canada, there is a waitlist. The process to get a hysterectomy in the public system starts from first seeing a family doctor, then getting a referral to a GYN, waiting, then after seeing a GYN, surgery can be recommended and is then scheduled. These steps can take up to a year and a half in some provinces.

Hysterectomy by choice in Canada

Hysterectomy is not like plastic surgery, where if a person would like to change how a part of their body looks, they can. There needs to be a medical reason for it, in Canada or the USA. If you go through the public system in Canada, a hysterectomy is the last resort, and everything else should be tried and failed. Since wait times in Canada are so long, this process can literally take years. Many women do not want to wait this long.

Private options

A private hysterectomy is not available in Canada at the time of us writing this blog. We help Canadian women arrange their private hysterectomy in the US, at safe, accredited, and no waitlist medical facilities. All GYN surgeons we work with are very experienced, and board certified. If you would like to know more about your private options in hysterectomy, give us a call toll-free or email us at In addition, you can watch a short 2 min video here.

Can I get an Elective Hysterectomy in Ontario

Residents of Ontario and private medical care

Ontario is the most populated province in Canada, with a little bit over 15.2 million people living there (as of 2022). It probably offers the best healthcare among Canadian provinces, when comparing wait times, availability of specialists and newer medical equipment. There are even private medical facilities in Ontario. However, according to Canadian law, if a medical procedure is covered by the provincial health plan, it is illegal to receive it in a private manner. So, Ontarians have to travel to a different province or the US if they want to access private medical services such as diagnostics and medical treatments.

GYN surgery in Ontario

GYN surgery is covered by OHIP and therefore is not available in a private manner to Ontario residents. In the public system, the wait time to see a GYN in Toronto area for a priority 4 patient varies from 39 days to 99 days, and the wait time to get surgery varies from 50 to 318 days according to

US options for residents of Ontario

GYN surgeries are not available in a private manner in Canada. Canadian women will need to look at their options south of the border, the USA. Health Vantis can connect you to an accredited medical facility and GYN surgeon and take care of all the logistics for your medical journey. If you are interested in learning how it works, give us a call at toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us at In addition, you can watch a short 2 min video here.

Will Punishing the Provinces for Utilizing Private Pay be Beneficial?

Will Punishing the Provinces for Utilizing Private Pay be Beneficial?

In 2015, Saskatchewan started a MRI and CT Scan program which allowed for private facilities to offer them at an out of pocket cost in an effort to reduce their time waiting for one through the system.  Last week the federal government decided to not only put a stop to that but also take money back from the provinces who have allowed the private clinics to provide the pay out of pocket diagnostics.  They claim ‘pay for scans hasn’t worked in other provinces to reduce wait lists, so why would it here?’  It was deemed a failed experiment.

Health Minister Paul Merriman of SK argued that wait times haven’t gone down because there are more people living in the province than there were in 2015.  The province intends to continue providing private services despite the fact they will be penalized each time someone uses it by taking money away from the province for every dollar earned through the private sector.  As of now that amount is $740,000.

What this new rule essentially will do is close down the private clinics within a  province.  My question is how do they know that it hasn’t worked to reduce wait times?  Who is tracking this?  It seems logical that the number of people on the list will decrease as  each person who pays out of pocket is 1 less person on the list.  These private clinics are profitable enough to stay open so one could assume it helps enough Canadians and  does reduce the wait times through the system.  Has anyone looked at things like an increase in population vs how many machines and techs are available in the public system?  Have there been more machines and techs added to serve  the increase in population and/or need for a CT Scan or MRI?  Where is the research on that?  Wouldn’t the wait lists be longer if those people had no option for paying out of pocket?  Something is not adding up.

The bottom line is if there are no private facilities, and people are waiting longer, two things will happen:  1. People will find a way to get it done sooner (i.e. go to a different province or the US) or 2. Waiting may impact the severity of their condition, thus calling for more care down the road.  The expense of an MRI vs expense of a more complex surgery that the public system will now have to bear will increase.

Why A Medical Facilitator for Private Surgery

Why A Medical Facilitator for Private Surgery

We had an email inquiry last month asking for information regarding a private hip replacement.  We provided her with costs, including our transparent service fee, approximate wait time and locations as an initial start.  She responded by saying she had already contacted the facilities we work with and it took her all of 15 minutes to do so.  She proceeded to tell us that she didn’t need the services of a fraudulent company. 

For starters, we are not a fraudulent company.  We are a small business owned by two women who met at the carpool pick for our young kids.  We have been in business since 2016 helping many Canadians on the long wait list to access private options in a safe and timely manner.  Our company began out of a true desire to help Canadians navigate arranging a private medical service.   We had both experienced challenges within the system ourselves.  We both felt like it was a complicated, difficult, and down right challenging process.  Having some experience with US health care, we wanted to provide the guidance and knowledge on how to do it in a safe and effective manner.

Health Vantis is a medical concierge service.  I can assure you we spend more than 15 minutes on your case.  We dedicate many hours of our time to provide a seamless and thorough process to make sure your surgery is:  1) done in a safe manner and 2) a successful process.  We manage your case from start to finish and continue to follow up with you and the surgeon well after you are home recovering.  

Paying for private care can be incredibly expensive.  It is not always a simple process.  There are many things you may be unaware of or the extent of how much planning is needed to travel for surgery.  The last thing you want is to invest your time and money into something not being fully aware what is required of you or showing up to the surgeon’s office unprepared.  Paying a little extra to have someone who knows and understands the process to walk you through everything is worth the additional investment and will save you time in the long run.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.  

Health Vantis


Dangers in Medical Travel for Private Surgery

Dangers in Medical Travel for Private Surgery

There can be dangers in medical travel if you do not know or understand the process of how and where to go.  A great example is the recent story that was in the US news last month.  A group of 4 individuals were traveling to Mexico for one of the individuals to have a tummy tuck.  Their van was targeted by a drug cartel and resulted in two of them being killed, as well as another innocent bystander, in a case of mistaken identity.  This may seem like being in the wrong place at the wrong time but we have seen this sort of scenario happen many different ways. We don’t know the reason she chose to travel to Mexico for a tummy tuck because that is widely available in the US but if we had to guess, it was likely due to cost.

There have been countless stories published that have resulted in tragedy because someone chose to travel for surgery due to cost alone.  Cheaper is not always better. Many people do not realize the dangers of traveling to a different country. Even being unfamiliar with the outside area can present problems.

Staying in the US and Canada lowers those chances because they all abide by the same health and safety standards that are required and monitored.  All of the surgeons credentials can be fact checked and verified and you can also see if there has been any malpractice suits filed against them.  In other countries, that can be incredibly hard to locate.  Not all countries prevent doctors from practicing outside their trained speciality either.  For example, it would not be uncommon for a dentist to do facial plastic surgery.  Dentistry and facial plastic surgery are two completely different specialties and one would not know the intricate necessities of how to carry out a successful outcome of the other.   But you’d be surprised how often it happens.

There are other dangers with regards to infection and high rate of drug resistant bacteria.  Most hospitals in the US and Canada have a very small rate of this, many below 1%, however, it is not something always tracked in other countries.  Then if you do get an infection, there is a greater risk of antibiotic resistance.  Another risk can be with counterfeit medicine being given or lower quality medical devices being used.

Many people do not realize that going to another country can have its dangers, especially for medical treatment.  The facilities we work with are all in safe areas of town. We are able to best direct you to get there safely, connect you with surgeons that have impeccable credentials and can provide you with the best results.  This might not be the cheapest, but might be worth it in the long run.

Health Vantis


You Can Get Private GYN Surgery When The System Has Failed You

You Can Get Private GYN Surgery When The System Has Failed You

One of the most common calls we get are from women regarding GYN issues.  This is one area where the system fails women over and over again, especially for GYN oncology.  Women have been underserved and failed for many years in every province.

Currently, British Columbia only has 8 GYN oncologists for the entire province.  That is 1 doctor for every 637,000 people!  Vancouver Island has a population of 865,000, and a population growth of about 1% each year, however, has only had 2 for the past 10 years.  Ontario has 1 for every 350,000 and Saskatchewan only has 7 for a population of 1.2MM people.  For BC to come close to the number ON has, they would need to almost double the number they have and that will still make women very underserved. It is no wonder the wait lists are as long as they are.

If you are waiting for a GYN surgery and would like to explore your options, watch our short video on how easy it can be to get private GYN surgery as Health Vantis as your guide here: 


Health Vantis


Private Surgery in the US: Here is What You Need to Know

If you are planning to travel to the US for your private surgery there are a couple of things to plan and keep in mind. Even though the US is very similar to Canada, such as people speaking English and doctor’s getting their education in a similar manner, some things are different, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Most healthcare in the USA is private

This one is very known to Canadians. It is impactful and requires knowledge about how American people pay for their medical care. They are covered by private health insurance. Their particular insurance negotiates pricing for all kinds of health care and then the end user, or regular American person, pays deductible and co-pay, depending on the level of coverage they selected with their insurance company. This can be an issue for Canadians since they will not have this coverage and finding pricing without insurance can be daunting and exhausting. You will need to talk to billing at hospitals and explain that you are a self-pay patient. Even then, it may take a long time and no certainty can be given as to what the actual price may end up being.

Doctors in the USA get the same education and pass the same requirements and exams to become highly qualified specialists

This fact is also known to many Canadians. However, what many do not realize is that unless you live in Ontario where the population is large, many Canadian doctors see fewer patients per particular disease or surgery. In the USA, where the population is greater, doctors can become highly specialized and get more experience by doing the same surgery many more times than their Canadian counterparts. We work with an orthopedic surgeon in New Hampshire who exclusively does joint replacements and nothing else. Such narrowing of his surgeries allowed him to see many cases of joint replacements and become more efficient and more experienced in it. What that means for you, is that your outcomes will be better with someone who is specialized.

The US is an excellent choice for traveling to get private surgery

Similarity and proximity are important when considering where to go to get private surgery. If you choose the US, your medical records do not need to be translated, your operative report will be in English, so you can easily bring it back to your family doctor in Canada and you do not have to endure a long flight to get there. Flights over 4h increase your risk of DVT and thus when traveling back home, one has to be careful. Cost is very important too. Health Vantis works with a few ambulatory surgical centers in the US and is able to provide you with bundled price, without you having to spend hours calling and following up.

If you need assistance planning your medical travel, Health Vantis can help. Contact us toll-free at 877 344 3544 or and we would be happy to assist.