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April Is Donor Awareness Month

Organ Donor Awareness Month is in April. Health Vantis talks about wait lists frequently, however, one that is seldom talked about is organ donation. We had the pleasure of speaking with Catherine Shaw, COO of The Organ Project, about their organization and how greatly needed organ donors, living and deceased are. The Organ Project is […]

What Should You Ask Your Medical Facilitator?

In last week’s blog we discussed the value a Medical Facilitator can bring to you. If you have decided to hire one, you probably have more questions to ask that pertain to you and your safety. Having trust in your Medical Facilitator is one of the most important things required. They are there to assist you in your journey […]

Traveling Out Of The Country For Surgery? 5 Things To Ask Your Surgeon

5 Things You Should Know or Ask Your Surgeon Will you be traveling out of the country for surgery?  Have you ever asked a doctor a question and thought to yourself, he probably thinks I’m an idiot? Many people do but you’d be surprised to know that would not be the case. No question you ask a […]

5 Things A Medical Facilitator Can Do For You

What exactly does a Medical Facilitator Do? Many people are unfamiliar with the term Medical Facilitator. We certainly were before starting our business. We had no idea a Medical Facilitator existed, exactly what they did, what their purpose was or just how valuable they could be. The more we learned about it, the more we […]

5 Things That Will Improve By Considering Medical Travel

5 Things That Will Improve By Considering Medical Travel We live in an instant gratification world. We have access to just about anything we want at the tip of our fingers. Waiting for certain medical care is not something we have much control over, but do we?  We may not have the ability to snap our fingers […]

How to Choose the Best Hospital For Your Surgery

How to Choose the Best Hospital For Your Surgery If your doctor determined that a surgery is necessary for you to get better, you are probably wondering where to have it done. With many options in medical travel care around the globe, how do you choose? In this blog, we will talk about some points […]

7 Things to Do Before Your Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  Planning early and thinking ahead about how total knee replacement will affect your life and stress level will help you manage the recovery.  We offer 7 tips for you to consider. Exercise your leg muscles and try to get in better shape physically – start about 2 to 3 months prior to surgery If you […]

Considerations for Total Knee Replacement

  Knee pain can be excruciating. The knee joint is a major weight-bearing joint that is often taken for granted until it is injured or affected by osteoarthritis. In March we will have a series of blogs about the knee. This first one talks about potential treatments your doctor may have you try in order […]

What Creates Canadian Wait Lists?

What Creates Canadian Wait Lists?  We are at the conclusion of our blogs this month for the 2017 wait times.  But what actually creates these wait lists and wait times? Reasons That Might Suggest Why There is a plethora of reasons why they occur across the country but here are a few possibilities that might […]