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September 2018 Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to fall! Time to get back to our routines and get settled in work and school mode. Summer is short and sweet in most parts of Canada, but I personally am getting to love the fall – with its vibrant colors, cooler mornings and crisp air. The month of September has […]

Sodium Intake: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The recent report of sodium intake by the Canadian government brought alarming news to our households. We still consume too much salt. According to the report, Canadians exceed the recommended maximum daily intake of sodium: the recommended intake is 2300mg and on average we consume 2760 mg a day. Males take in more sodium than […]

Who Is To Blame For The Opioid Crisis In Canada?

 The opioid crisis is real and rampant throughout Canada.  With an increase in overdose, how can it not be?  But who is to blame for the opioid crisis? Opioid addictions are no longer present in just your stereo typical drug abuser on the streets.  It has made it’s way into our homes and no longer discriminates.  […]

What’s Important In A Hospital?

5 Things An Excellent Hospital Should Have If You Travel For Medical Reasons  Are you traveling for medical care and wonder what’s important in a hospital?  See below for some things to consider in selecting your hospital of choice. 1.The first place they should start is to research the hospital where they will have the […]

How Yoga Helped Minimize My Back Pain

Last November I had a L5 Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF).  After 20+ years of being treated for back pain, I ran out of options because there was simply no disk left.  The cortisone and facet joint block injections no longer worked.  Anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy were a thing of the past.  There was not enough […]

The Benefits of Dancing

The Benefits of Dancing For Physical and Mental Work Out Dancing with the Stars has become a popular, well-loved show that has inspired others to get moving.  Dancing not only provides entertainment for a person but can also be a great outlet for stress relief and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It is being utilized in […]

5 Tips for Managing Seniors Medications

5 Tips for Managing Seniors Medications With a growing population of older adults and the availability of medications, the potential for medication safety problems will increase. When people age, they are more likely to be taking more than one type of medication.  Seniors normally take more than three.  Taking multiple medications increases the risk for […]

Best medical facilitator in Canada

Best Medical Travel Company in Canada – How to Choose Yours

When looking for help and expertise in choosing your medical facilitator for a surgery abroad, there are certain criteria that need to be met in evaluating your medical travel or tourism facilitator. It is a very personal decision and one of most importance – to trust someone with your health. We wanted to bring up […]

Medical Travel Complications Insurance

When traveling out of the country you need to ensure that you and your family are protected in an emergency. Most Canadians have or purchase travel insurance. It covers them for emergency medical situations and trip interruption. So, what is medical travel complications insurance and how it is different from travel insurance? Although travel insurance […]

Is It Safe to Have Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

We hear questions about medical services in Mexico quite often. How much is it for a gastric sleeve or plastic surgery in Tijuana? Is it safe? Well, the truth is that the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. Bad Medical Outcomes for Surgery Done in Mexico In the News […]