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Weight Management and Your Surgery – Why It Matters

We had written a blog before about the importance of being prepared for your joint replacement surgery. Going through pre-hab is just as important as rehab for many reasons. Surgery is usually the last resort of what we do trying to fix our body. There is an important shift that occurs while we try all […]

November 2018 Newsletter

We can’t believe that November has arrived – 2018 has been a fast and exciting year! In this issue we are putting the spotlight on MDAccess, a company that connects you to a doctor on the phone any time, anywhere. We also talk about Lung Cancer and advancements in diagnostics and treatments, as November is […]

Affordable Dental

What’s been brewing with Health Vantis this year you ask?  We have been cooking up new locations to our facility list and not just medical facilities.  We have also located very affordable dental practices for you!   Dental coverage and treatment are expensive and not covered by your provincial health care.  Because of this, many […]

5 Cool Apps Every Snowbird Should Use

5 Cool Apps That Every Snowbird Should Use Summer has wound down and fall is here, which means the snowbirds are preparing to head south for the winter.  There are so many handy tools out there for them to utilize, however, we found some cool apps that every snowbird should use! Canadian Snowbirds US Stay […]

How Many People in Canada Travel for Medical Care?

How Many People In Canada Travel For Medical Care The Fraser Institute conducts surveys on an annual basis for specialists.  The specialists are asked to provide data on the care their patients receive.  This research always produces an estimation of how long our wait times are but another area they also gain insights into are […]

World Mental Health Day Oct 10, 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day.  Worldwide statistics say that 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children experience mental health issues.  In Canada, 1 out of 5 Canadians experience mental health challenges.  One in 5 of those are children, 1 in 10 will have chronic issues, however, only 1 in 3 will actually seek […]

Medical Travel For A Sports Injury

Medical Travel for the Athlete In the past few months we have been getting a few calls from injured athletes looking for a faster solution to their medical problem. Athletes are tough individuals and can usually push through the pain, however, sometimes that is just not possible.  Many times it requires medical attention that might […]

Phrenic Nerve Reconstruction

Health Vantis recently visited a facility that addresses one of the less common yet very difficult to treat conditions. It is phrenic nerve damage. We connected with the administration of the medical facility and are now proud to say that we are happy to help those that may need this type of surgery. There are […]

MAKOplasty and Your Total Hip Replacement

In our last blog we talked about three major approaches to hip replacement. We also mentioned the words minimally invasive when describing surgical techniques procedures. But what does that really mean though? Through the years, the surgeons improved on their techniques and are able to make shorter incisions and less tendon cutting. All that means […]

Common Approaches to Hip Replacement: Which One Is Right For You?

If you are heading for a total hip replacement procedure you may be wondering about the details of the operation and your recovery – will the incision heal fast, will you be able to walk without a cane and go up and down the stairs.  We wrote about preparation for a hip replacement in our […]