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October 2020 Newsletter

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October is always reserved for the promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness.  In Canada, it accounts for approximately 25% of news cases of cancer and 13% of all cancer deaths among women.  One out of 8 women will get it and 1 in 33 will die from it.   Breast cancers are not […]

Tips For a Faster Joint Replacement Recovery

Tips For a Faster Joint Replacement Recovery Joint replacements used to leave people in agonizing pain taking weeks, sometimes months to recover.  It was not uncommon to be hospitalized 3 to 7 days.  Now, newer techniques allow for the patient to be up and walking right after surgery and to be released from the hospital […]

Wait Times Proving To Be Longer Than Expected

Wait Times Proving To Be Longer Than Expected We all knew, or highly suspected, that with the cancellation of non-urgent surgeries back when the pandemic broke, there would be consequences.  But how far deep has Canada dug a hole with regards to wait times?  According to the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF), it’s so far deep […]

Ruling On Private Health Care In British Columbia

Ruling On Private Health Care In British Columbia What had been a decade long battle and litigated case came to a close in September.  Dr. Brian Day, owner of the private clinic Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, unfortunately lost the constitutional challenge of public health care rules. The Cambie Surgery Centre was legally opened in […]

Will You Travel for Private Elective Surgery?

It has not been easy for many people all over the world to adapt and live with the new virus, COVID-19. In Canada, medical wait times for certain elective procedures were long even before COVID. In March, when all elective surgeries were cancelled or postponed, it is reasonable to think that the list is getting […]

Airlines Safety Measures, an Update

Travelling by air nowadays can be perceived as unsafe due to potential exposure COVID-19. However, if you have to fly, we prepared a short summary of 5 airlines.  We looked at 2 Canadian airlines – Air Canada and WestJet and 3 US – United, Delta and American to give you an update on safety measures […]

Travel Insurance and Medical Complication Insurance – Which One Will You Need?

Many countries opened their borders to Canadian travellers mid to end of summer 2020. And even though the US-Canadian border still stays closed to all non-essential travel, travelling for medical reasons is considered essential by the US government. Many Canadians are at least starting to think about travelling. Getting proper insurance for your trip is […]

Private GYN Surgery During COVID-19

The pandemic put many Canadians on a longer surgical waitlist. Among those are women waiting for an elective GYN surgery such as hysterectomy. The procedure can be approved for many reasons among them are endometriosis, uterine fibroids and uterine prolapse. Unfortunately, there are no private options for GYN surgery in Canada. Health Vantis can assist […]

Elective Surgery During COVID-19 – Yes or No?

How do you determine whether to proceed or wait with your elective surgery during COVID-19 pandemic? There are many things to consider. Among them are your overall health and age, and if the outcome of your surgery would be the same if you were to wait a few months. If you are a relatively young […]

EMG In Canada

EMG’s (Electomyography) is a diagnostic test utilized to assess the condition of the muscles and nerve cells that control them.  Many things can be ruled out or diagnosed with this test such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle dystrophy or Lou Gehrig disease. The wait times vary province to province.  Based on conversations with customers, some provinces […]