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Newer Orthopedic Surgical Techniques

Newer Orthopedic Surgical Techniques Are Bringing Greater Results To Patients Orthopedic procedures are skyrocketing in Canada due to the aging Baby Boomer population. High on the list are hip and knee replacements. These are considered major surgeries and in years past, required overnight stays in the hospital with a long recovery period. Newer orthopedic surgical […]

June 2018 Newsletter

Spotlight for June In light of Brain Injury Awareness month we are spotlighting someone who has beat her odds and surprised her doctors in how far she has come.  Michelle Bartlett was working successfully in the insurance world and on her way to obtain her Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI) designation when her life took […]

5 BS facts about medical tourism that people think are true

Medical travel can be rewarding and complicated at the same time. On one hand, you can get treated and feel better faster, on the other, you have to manage all the logistics and risks. Below are the untrue medical tourism facts and why they are such. You can make an informed decision about your health. […]

Turning 50? Read This!

Who said 50 is old? Probably some 18-year-old who has little idea of how fulfilling, peaceful and wonderful life can be after all the turmoil of younger age is over.  Below are some points to ponder if you have been thinking about your big birthday coming up. Turning 50 can be fun! Life expectancy rise […]

Fast and Successful Recovery After Surgery Abroad – Value of Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy can help you recover from surgery abroad faster Fast recovery after surgery is something people undergoing surgery really wish for. If we can shorten the time it takes your body to heal we can get back to “normal” and live our lives in a more fulfilling manner. Physiotherapy can do that. Physiotherapy is a […]

Medical Travel and Comfort, 4 Tips To Create Yours !

Comfort for medical travel is one of the small but quite important things. Traveling for medical reasons can be filled with stress and anxiety. This puts you in a place where you do not want to be for your recovery after the procedure. We have talked about the impact of stress on the recovery in […]

Avoid Running Injuries – Yes, Stretch!

  May is the perfect month to get some outside running under your belt. Multiple health benefits of running have been established. However, runners are prone to injury. Common running injuries vary in intensity and severity from blisters to iliotibial band syndrome and may include the following: pulled muscles chafing runner’s knee ankle sprain patellar […]

Can You Afford Private Health Care To Avoid The Long Wait List?

Can You Afford Private Health Care There is always a debate as to whether or not you can really afford private health care.  Having access to ‘free’ medical care is a concept Canadians have held for many years. But let’s be real, it is not free and you pay a significant premium in the way of […]

April Is Donor Awareness Month

Organ Donor Awareness Month is in April. Health Vantis talks about wait lists frequently, however, one that is seldom talked about is organ donation. We had the pleasure of speaking with Catherine Shaw, COO of The Organ Project, about their organization and how greatly needed organ donors, living and deceased are. The Organ Project is […]