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Medical Travel Success – Plan and Ask Questions!

There are numerous reasons to travel outside one’s local area to receive a medical treatment.  A procedure may not be available where you live, the wait for it is too long, or the price is too high. With the world becoming so well connected and easy to communicate, all one has to do is to […]

Colon and Rectal Cancer Rates Are on the Rise – in Young People!

We are posting a link to this very interesting article from The New York Times. It talks about the alarming rate of colon and rectal cancer in young people. It has been on the increase in every generation born since 1950. Please have a read and be aware. This could be valuable information if you […]

Preventing Knee Replacement Through Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee With an increase in the aging world population and baby boomers, the number of cases of Osteoarthritis are expected to increase globally.  As we continue to add the years on, our body starts to deteriorate, especially in our joints.  There are, however, other risk factors that contribute to this outside […]