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Risks of Waiting for Your Knee Replacement

Risks of Waiting for Your Knee Replacement Wait times have went up drastically over the years for knee replacements.  This has left thousands of Canadians at sea on their own as they wait to get a surgery date. This can create major consequences if you experience long delays.  Let’s look at some reasons how waiting […]

Private Hip Replacement or Waiting for Your Turn

Canadians are all too familiar with medical wait times and the frustration and pain it can bring to a person and their family. Physical pain or great discomfort, inability to enjoy things you did before and monetary losses are present when waiting for your turn to get surgery or medical treatment. Contributing to universal health […]

Private Spine Surgery or Waiting for Your Turn

Imagine having serious back pain and needing surgery and then waiting for 58.9 weeks to get it! That is not something any Canadian who is experiencing back pain is looking forward to. Unfortunately, this is the reality of our universal health care. According to the Fraser Institute, in 2022 median wait time from referral by […]

Private Hysterectomy vs Waiting in Canada

Fraser Institute recently released its new report for medical wait times in Canada in 2022. The overall increases in wait times show up in several specialties. One of them is GYN. The median wait time for a GYN from a referral by GP to treatment is 32.1 weeks, 8.1 weeks increase from 2021.  The median […]

Private Surgery or Waiting: Canada Medical Wait Times 2022

According to Fraser Institute, 2022 was worse than 2021 for medical wait times. Compared to 2021, the medical wait times in Canada increased by 1.8 weeks. The total waiting time between referral from a general practitioner and delivery of medically necessary elective treatment by a specialist averaged across all 12 specialties and 10 provinces surveyed, […]

Private Spinal Fusion

Private Spinal Fusion Private spinal fusion is a major surgery.  It is often a last resort kind of surgery.  Reasons one might have a private spinal fusion is due to deformities of the spine, herniated disk or spinal weakness or instability.  There are several different techniques done for spinal fusion.  Your surgeon will know which […]

Private Spinal Decompression

Private Spinal Decompression If you have compressed nerves in your lumbar spine, a private spinal decompression surgery might be beneficial to you.  Spinal decompression is done to treat spinal stenosis, a slipped disc and sciatica, spinal injuries and metastatic spinal cord decompression.   If lumbar decompression surgery is recommended, you might have one of these […]

Private Laminectomy of the Spine

Private Laminectomy of the Spine Back pain can be caused by many things.  In some individuals it can be caused by the narrowing of the spinal canal.  The narrowing is a result of bone spurs or tissues associated with arthritis that tighten the spaces through which the nerves pass.  This leads to pain and nerve […]

Private Microdiscectomy of the Spine

Private Microdiscectomy of the Spine Microdiscectomy of the spine is done to correct a herniated disc.  Herniated discs are when the disc is torn and the gel-like inner material herniates or pokes out.  This results in the disc compressing the spinal nerves that cause back pain.  To relieve pain, a microdiscectomy can be done, where a […]

Private Surgery Pre-Op Testing

One of the steps to get ready for private surgery is pre-op testing. Most of it can be done locally, at no cost to you as provincial health plans cover these tests. However, you will need to see your family doctor and ask for requisitions to get the testing done. Below are the most common […]