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Neurosurgery Wait Times in Canada, 2020

In our previous blog, we brought your attention to 2020 medical wait times for Orthopedic surgery in Canada. In this blog, we will look in more detail at one of the 12 specialities wait times examined by Fraser Institute – Neurosurgery. Across Canada, the total wait time in 2020 to get neurosurgery was 33.2 weeks. […]

Orthopedic Wait Times in Canada 2020

In our previous blog we talked about 2020 medical wait times in Canada. In this blog, we will look in more details at one of the 12 specialities examined by Fraser Institute – Orthopaedics. Across Canada, for orthopaedics, the total wait time in 2020 was 34.1 weeks. This is a decrease of 5 weeks, compared […]

How Long Can You Wait?

2020 has not been kind to many of us. Canadians endured lockdowns and shutdowns, social isolation and other unpleasant life adjustments due to COVID-19. They also endured longer medical wait times as many experienced cancellations of their scheduled elective surgeries. According to the new report issued by Fraser Institute on December 10, 2020, it is […]

Are There Private Surgery Facilities in Canada?

If you have been told you need to have a surgery, the most common reaction is to have it done asap.  In Canada, most people have already been waiting quite a long time to know that they will need to have surgery.  Being told there is a long wait is not anything one likes to […]

Tips for Holiday Parties During COVID

Tips for Holiday Parties During COVID Times The holidays this year are going to be different, but they don’t have to be cancelled and can still be special as long as appropriate measures are taken.  Most people have the current guidelines down on wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart, however, here are some additional […]

Are There Private Options for MRI or CT Scan in Canada?

Are There Private Options for MRI or CT Scan in Canada? MRI and CT Scan’s are very common types of diagnostic tests that can aide in the diagnosis of several medical conditions.  They are also included in the list for long wait times to actually get one done.  This not only prolongs your diagnosis, it […]

Snowbird Surgery

Snowbird Surgery It is the time of the year that ‘Snowbirds’ start making their plans to travel south for the winter.   Most true Snowbirds own a second home/vacation home in the US.  Unfortunately, traveling for leisure is completely different this year in light of the COVID pandemic.  As of now, travel for leisure, even […]

Private Urology Surgery

Urological surgeries usually involve urinary organs in females and the urinary tract and reproductive organs in males. Common urological procedures include kidney and ureter surgeries, removal of the prostate, bladder surgery, testicular surgery or surgery to the penis. Conditions treated by urologic surgery include neurogenic sources like spinal cord injury; injuries to the pelvic organs; […]

Recovery after Private Laparoscopic GYN Surgery

GYN surgeries done laparoscopically are usually day surgeries, and you are discharged the same day. Laparoscopic means that it is done with a help of a tiny laparoscope, or camera, and require minimal tissue cutting, usually just a few small incisions instead of a single larger one. The benefits of laparoscopic surgery are less pain, […]

Recovery After Private Knee or Hip Replacement

If you are going for joint replacement surgery, one of the things that could be on your mind is your recovery time. Knowing how long it will take is helpful to set the right expectations about your mobility and activity levels. Unfortunately, there is not an exact answer to this. In general, a complete recovery […]