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New Travel Guidelines Effective Oct 1, 2022

On September 19, 2022 US President Joe Biden deemed the pandemic to be over.  That doesn’t mean COVID is no longer a thing, but that it is at a manageable level affecting our day to day lives and no longer an emergency.  Does this mean that our restrictions are going to fully lift and everything […]

Private Surgery vs Waiting – What Are the Costs?

Canadians waiting a long time for medical treatment incur costs because of such delays. These costs could be non-monetary, such as the increased risk of mortality or worsening of the condition, and monetary costs. Monetary costs consist of the value of lost time and the cost of care while the person is waiting, Frasure Institute […]

Private Surgery – Who Pays the Bill?

We oftentimes are asked if any of the private surgery costs can be reimbursed by the provincial healthcare plan. The answer to this question is – it depends on the type of surgery you are going to have. Canadian provincial health plans do not cover any healthcare costs for private surgery if that surgery or […]

Private Knee Replacement and Your Body Weight

When it comes to total knee replacement your weight matters. Excess weight puts additional stress on weight-bearing joints.  Years of carrying excess weight contribute to achy, swollen, and stiff joints. Osteoarthritis has long been considered a wear and tear disease. In addition, obesity may increase inflammation levels in your body, thus leading to joint pain. […]

Medical travel mistakes to avoid when traveling for private surgery

Many Canadians are facing medical delays this year due to various problems in public healthcare that were compounded by COVID-19 challenges. Instead of waiting indefinitely for surgery, some choose to go the private route and pay for their treatment of surgery out of pocket. Traveling for medical reasons can be complicated and requires thorough preparation […]

Bi-lateral Hip Replacement Simultaneously vs Staged

Bi-lateral Hip Replacements: Simultaneous vs Staged Hip Replacements occur most commonly due to degenerative problems from osteoarthritis.  Some individuals have this in both hips and require both of them to be replaced.  There is always the question as to whether or not they can be done at the same time, a simultaneous bi-lateral hip replacement, […]

How Does Health Vantis Work?

Health Vantis is a full-service concierge medical facilitation company.  We help Canadians navigate their way through the private surgery process.  So how does it work?  It’s just five easy steps!   Step 1:  We listen to understand your needs and provide feedback on what we think will be involved with your case.  If you wish […]

Hysterectomy for Gender Affirmation or Transition Surgery

Hysterectomy for Gender Affirmation or Transition Surgery We get a lot of inquiries about having a hysterectomy as a way of transitioning or gender affirmation.  Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it seems, therefore, we are unable to assist in most cases.  Hysterectomy is a major, life-altering surgery, therefore, it is something you cannot […]

Private Spine Surgery

  The spine is a very complex part of your body.  It has disks, nerves, a spinal cord, and 33 vertebrae divided into 5 sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx.  There are joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle surrounding it.  The spine supports your body to walk, twist and move. Back issues are one of the most common […]

Private Joint Replacement

  Joint replacement surgery is usually recommended to alleviate severe arthritis. Joint arthritis affects about 6 million Canadians. It is more common to have arthritis at an older age. Hip or knee replacement surgery has one of the longest medical wait times in the public Canadian health care system. It can take over 2 years! […]