How It Works

Health Vantis facilitates access to treatments and procedures that have long waiting lists or are not available in Canada such as the following:

Our Story

Our story is simple. We are friends that began sharing our mutual difficulties obtaining necessary medical tests and services in Canada for ourselves and our children in a timely manner. We were both frustrated and kept asking ourselves why is there such a long wait time and why isn’t the system pro-active as opposed to reactive?  Canada has excellent doctors and facilities and everyone pays for their healthcare through their taxes. There should be no reason for Canadians to wait for routine and widely used services. What do people do?

Canadians do have choices but how do you find them?  Where do you start?  We decided we wanted to find the answers to these questions. Personal experience in travel for medical care led us to do more research and we realized there is inbound and outbound medical tourism in Canada.

Our Decision

You can travel to get the services you need without the wait instead of being in pain, missing work resulting in loss of income or stopping your favorite activity such as running for months at a time. We have over 14 years of experience with US health care and insurance and can say with certainty that while US health care is expensive, there are also affordable private medical facilities rarely featured in the media. Our experience gave us the knowledge to find facilities that offer excellent quality, timely treatment at prices that are the same or less than prices offered in other medical tourism destinations across the world.

We began making relationships with these hospitals, their doctors and administrators and that is how Health Vantis was created. As we found out, some of these facilities have been successfully treating Canadians for years. Our relationships with the administration has made us a favourite medical health care provider.  We have been told that they like how we run our business because of our transparency.

How We Are Different

Health Vantis provides a compassionate, personalized, one on one service that is based solely on your needs. We do not expect you to undertake any Medical Travel excursion on your own. We will handle all your records in the most personal and confidential way possible and utilize the highest security compliance – HIPAA (USA). When you choose Health Vantis, there will always be a person to talk to, not computer generated content which is unclear or vague. We do not contract out our services, and our customers deal with us directly.  The value we bring can help you regain the life you deserve!

Leanna Christie

Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP)

Christy Evon

Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP)

For more information on Health Vantis and Canada Medical Tourism please give us a call Toll Free at 1 877 344 3544 or email us directly at