As your guides, we assist you through the process of selecting a
health solution suitable for your individual situation
and support you throughout the entire process.
That is our commitment to you.

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About Health Vantis

Navigating healthcare is not easy. It requires energy and time. We take that task upon us so you can focus on your health. As your specialist in private medical care destinations, we assist you through the process of selecting a health solution suitable for your individual situation and support you throughout the entire process. That is our commitment to you.

Our Story

We started Health Vantis out of a genuine desire to help those Canadians that feel stuck with their current healthcare options. It could be because there is none here in Canada, or due to a lengthy wait time.

Both of us experienced unnecessary delays and unanswered medical questions. During these times we went through a great deal of frustration and stress. This prompted us to seek out alternative options for treatment outside our borders. Canada has excellent doctors and facilities and everyone pays for their healthcare through their taxes. There should be no reason for Canadians to wait for routine and widely used services. What do people do?

We both had experience with USA healthcare, and came to find out that many Canadians travel to the US to get medical care. However, US healthcare can be expensive.  We did extensive research to find out if timely, safe and affordable surgery is something we can facilitate for those people that are in the same shoes as we were.

Yes, You Can!

You can travel to get the services you need faster. There is no need to wait in pain, miss work and lose income or stop your favorite physical activity such as running.  We have over 14 years of experience with US health care and insurance and can say with certainty that while US health care can be expensive, there are also affordable private medical facilities rarely featured in the media. Our experience gave us the knowledge to find facilities that offer excellent quality, timely treatment at prices that are the same or less than prices offered in other medical tourism destinations across the world.

We built relationships with these hospitals, their doctors and administrators so that you can feel assured about the quality of care and medical outcomes. Our price transparency and ethical values are very important to us and the facilities we work with. It creates a trusting and reassuring environment in which clients get the care they need at the facility that suits them the best.

How We Are Different

Health Vantis provides a compassionate, personalized, one on one service that is based solely on your needs. We send our clients to excellent private facilities and doctors in the United States. The facilities we work with have been vetted personally by us and provide you with cost advantages without compromising patient outcomes.

Our experience in working with the US health care and insurance industry for over 14 years gave us the insight knowledge on where to find these medical connections. Health Vantis provides exceptional quality of care, professionalism, and attention to all of your individual details.

We do not earn any commissions from the facilities or doctors. It is unethical in many countries and is illegal in the USA and Canada. We send you to the best hospital or doctor based on your medical needs.

Be assured that with Health Vantis all your personal information and medical records will be handled confidentially.

We are certified independent travel agents and do not contract out our services. Our clients deal directly with us with every aspect of our service. The value we bring can help you regain the life you deserve.

Leanna Christie

Christy Evon

For more information on Health Vantis and private surgery options please give us a call Toll Free at 1 877 344 3544 or email us directly at info@healthvantis.com