Private Conformis Patient-Specific Knee Implant

All human bodies are unique in their ways. Our knee joint is not an exception. Even though human
knees consist of the same parts, the size, shape, and curvature of each knee differs. In a regular knee
replacement, there are just a few sizes available to fit your anatomy. However, these sizes may not fit
your specific build perfectly.

Mass-produced, symmetric implants can be mismatched with your original asymmetric native joint.
There can be overhang and underhang in alignment of your bones and the implant. Those dig into your
flesh and result in pain. Mismatches between tibial implants and femurs force compromises in implant
performance. Mismatches and compromises drive post-operative pain, making the recovery longer and
not pleasant.

Conformis is the only company that offers a fully personalized design of implants for a more precise fit. It is
made just for you, based on your existing knee joint and anatomy. It requires some additional steps and
time. You will need to get a specialized CT scan done at a facility that is familiar with Conformis protocol.
After the CT scan, it takes about 8 weeks to make your new knee joint – designed specifically for you.

The additional costs for Conformis knee are reasonable. They will cover the CT scan and are about
USD$500. The price of a Conformis knee starts at USD$28,000. The surgery is performed by an experienced
surgeon fully trained in this procedure who performed a high number of Confromis surgeries in the past.

Studies show that traditional knee replacements can leave up 30% of the patients who received them
unhappy with pain relief and function, partly due to poor implant fit, alignment and bone coverage.
Patients with Conformis knee replacement report higher satisfaction with the results of the surgery.
They are also reported to be more likely to recommend a knee replacement to their friends.

If you are curious about Conformis total knee replacement Health Vantis works with an excellent
surgeon who offers bundled pricing to Canadians. Reach out to us by phone toll free 877 344 3544 or
email to learn more.

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