Private Jiffy Knee Replacement – Is It Available in Canada?

Jiffy Knee is a new technique for a total knee replacement. It preserves the body’s natural structures and avoids cutting the quadricep tendon. This approach allows for less pain, lower risk of complications, and quicker return to your daily activities.

Traditional knee replacements usually involve a lengthy recovery period and months of physiotherapy before regaining full mobility. In contrast, the Jiffy Knee technique can have patients walking without assistance in as little as two days post-surgery, a testament to its effectiveness and efficiency. The recovery process is much more doable and less painful.

Is it offered in Canada? Well, not yet. Only 14 orthopedic surgeons offer it in the USA, where the method was created by Dr. Manish Patel. Despite its clear advantages, the Jiffy Knee technique is not yet a universal standard in knee replacement surgery. The reasons vary, from the specialized training required to master the technique to the slow pace at which new medical practices are adopted across the orthopedic community.

However, Health Vantis is lucky enough to work with one of these surgeons. This surgical office also offers Canadians bundled pricing. This means you will get one price for everything involved in your surgery – professional, facility, and anesthesia fees are included. Also included are the first couple of physiotherapy sessions. It will start the same day post-op and can be scheduled at your hotel room if need be.

If you are interested in finding out more, please give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us

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