Private Knee Replacement Jiffy Knee – What Are the Benefits?

In our last blog, we introduced a new technique in total knee replacement – Jiffy Knee. In a couple of words here is what Jiffy Knee does. It allows to spare, not cut, your quadricep tendon. It accesses the knee on the side, by using a special instrument to lift and slide the muscles aside. In sparing the quadricep tendon there are several benefits.

  • there is less pain
  • less swelling
  • less use of narcotics for pain management
  • on average, it is 7 days faster off ambulatory aids
  • quicker driving
  • quicker return to work and recreational activities
  • quicker gains to range of motion
  • less patellar tracking problems
  • overall a much more pleasant outcome and post-op course
  • no additional costs or upcharges for a total knee replacement to use this method

It is still a total knee replacement.  This technique is not more expensive, yet makes the recovery process less painful and more doable for patients. Early mobilization is the norm for this procedure. Patients are more active, early on. In rehab, that means better outcomes and less need for pain drugs that can be addictive. Early mobilization also decreases the risk of DVT.

Health Vantis works with an orthopedic surgeon who is trained in Jiffy Knee method and also offers bundled pricing for Canadian patients (one price for all medical components of surgery – professional, facility and anesthesia).  If you are interested in finding out more, please give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us

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