Private Hysterectomy Canada and USA: Travel Requirements

Traveling for surgery can be achieved successfully through careful planning and consideration of your movement restrictions if any after the surgery. While some things will be out of your control – such as weather and airline timeliness, others can be accounted for and accommodated to make your post-surgery travel more comfortable.

Air Travel

When making arrangements for our clients to travel by air we consider the length of the flight. Anything over 4 hours carries a higher risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and is not ideal for post-surgery. The choice of a seat on the plane also matters. If you can afford a bigger space, we advise you to do so as you will be more comfortable during the flight.

Crossing the USA Border

Major Canadian airports clear border and customs for US travel. You are required to present the border patrol officer with a reason for your travel, details such as hotel address, and all other pertinent information related to your trip. Health Vantis provides all of the clients with two border letters to enter the USA and to come back home.

If traveling by car, the same applies.

COVID vaccinations are still required to enter the USA although all that info is simply entered at check-in and no actual vaccination records are required.


Some medical facilities offer a list of hotels that offer a discount to those receiving treatments at their surgical center or hospital. When making hotel reservations for our clients we consider their wishes and the level of mobility they will have post-surgery. Usually, we discuss the handicapped, two queen bed options with our clients and book accordingly. The closer the hotel is to the surgical center the better it is. As well, we reach out to the hotel and inform them that we have booked a surgical client so that they are aware.

Transportation in the City of Surgery

This is usually up to our clients’ wishes. Some elect to rent a car, and some choose to use Uber or cabs. The advantage of a car is that it is always available. Uber services require an app on your phone and sometimes a bit of patience while waiting for it to arrive.

If you are considering private surgery as an alternative to long provincial wait times and need help Health Vantis is here for you. You can reach out to us by email or toll-free 877 344 3544.

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