Private Diagnostic Lists

Private Diagnostic Lists

We get a lot of calls and emails for private diagnostic clinics.  In the past, we would assist in making the arrangements for someone to get a MRI, CT Scan, Colonoscopy, EMG and so on.  A non-refundable fee of $100 was required to make the arrangements for the person to pay for our time and expertise on knowing right where to send you.  Due to the influx of emails and calls we get for these, we had to think of a better way to field these inquiries to make the most of everyone’s time and money.  In January of 2022, we created a list for purchase to provide you with all the necessary information.

The lists provide available private options to you in Canada and a few cross border options for: MRI, CT Scan, Colonoscopy/Endoscopy, EMG, ECHO and Biopsy.  These are the most requested services we get inquiries for.  The list you receive will have the facility name, location, contact information, ie. phone number and email, and cost.

Most facilities require a referral.  Not all are willing to provide a cost to you unless you have a referral, therefore, we give a ‘starts at’ or ‘ranges from’ ballpark.  Once you submit your referral and they have reviewed it, an exact cost can be given to you.  In some instances, you might be requested to submit your doctor’s clinical notes.

EMG, echocardiogram (ECHO) and biopsy do not have many options within Canada, therefore, the list will be short.  Not all provinces have private facilities either.   You are also not able to go to a private facility within your own province with the exception of Quebec and for MRI or CT Scan.  It is also important to note that while we will keep the most up to date pricing, it is subject to change at any time.  

Trying to locate a private facility within Canada is an easy google search, however, getting the accurate information and someone to call you back with pricing requires a lot of time and follow up.  The value of this is that you can have a complete list with private facilities’ phone numbers, email address and approximate cost on options available to you instantaneously.  It will help you make an informed decision quickly as to whether or not you wish to wait for the system to get you in or to pay out of pocket.

To access a copy to the diagnostic test you need, click here!

How Much Does Private Joint Replacement Cost in Canada?

How Much Does Private Joint Replacement Cost in Canada?

Joint replacement surgeries are common procedures sought by individuals in Canada to alleviate chronic joint pain and improve mobility. While the public healthcare system in Canada covers joint replacement surgeries, some individuals may choose private healthcare options for various reasons, such as shorter wait times and ability to get back to work sooner.

Understanding Private Healthcare Options

In Canada, private healthcare options are available for those who prefer expedited access to healthcare services. Private clinics and hospitals offer a range of benefits, including quicker consultations, reduced wait times for surgeries, and personalized care tailored to the individual’s needs.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of a private joint replacement surgery in Canada:

1. Type of Joint Replacement – The type of joint being replaced (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.) is a major factor that influences the cost. Each procedure requires specific surgical techniques, medical devices, and materials, which can vary in price.

2. Hospital or Clinic Charges

Private clinics and hospitals have their own fee structures, which can vary significantly. Charges typically include operating room fees, overnight stays, medical supplies, and nursing care.

3. Surgeon’s Fees – Surgeon fees can vary depending on their experience, qualifications, and geographical location.

4. Anesthesia and Medications – The cost of anesthesia administration, medication, and pain management before, during, and after the surgery is an essential aspect of the overall cost. The specific requirements for anesthesia and medications can vary based on individual needs.

5. Pre and Post-operative Care – Diagnostic tests, consultations, physiotherapy sessions, post-operative medications, and follow-up appointments are key components of the overall cost. The number of post-operative treatments, such as physiotherapy, may vary.

Estimated Costs

Health Vantis works with facilities that offer bundled pricing for pay out of pocket patients.  This means that the cost is all inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, hospital/facility fee and anesthesia fee.  It does not cover medications required, which are normally nominal, or post-op physiotherapy after you return home.  Physiotherapy is normally covered if you have a private policy.

Hip and knee replacement can range from $23,500 to $28,000.  The cost in Canada is comparable to the cost in the US.  The only difference is the exchange rate from CAD to USD, which can add up if it is done in the US.  The US locations, however, do a minimally invasive technique so you can go back to your hotel the same day.  Most of the Canadian facilities keep you for a couple of days in-patient.

It’s important to note that if you are a Canadian resident, your provincial healthcare coverage will typically cover joint replacement surgeries performed in public hospitals. However, private healthcare costs are not typically covered by provincial healthcare plans.

Private joint replacement surgeries offer individuals the choice of personalized care and shorter wait times. To find out more information about what it might cost you for a private hip replacement or private knee replacement, please contact Health Vantis at 877-344-3544 or

Direct Flights to IND & NYC for Private Surgery from Canada

Direct Flights to IND & NYC for Private Surgery from Canada

Health Vantis now has locations in Indianapolis (IND) and New York City (NYC) for private surgery purposes. If you are a resident of Canada interested in receiving private surgery in either of these cities, we have compiled important details to help simplify your travel plans.

Indianapolis (IND)

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana.  It is home to several renowned hospitals and medical centers that offer private surgery options. Here are some key details regarding direct flights from Canada to IND:


Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Located approximately 11 miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis.

Serves as a major transportation hub, connecting various national and international destinations.


Several major airlines operate direct flights from Canada to Indianapolis:

Air Canada

Delta Air Lines

United Airlines

Flight Duration

Direct flights from Canada to Indianapolis typically range from 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on the departure city and airline.

New York City (NYC)

New York City is known worldwide for its exceptional healthcare institutions and diverse private surgery options. Here’s some key information about direct flights to NYC from Canada:


John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Located in Queens, JFK is one of the busiest international airports in the United States.

Provides convenient access to the city and its medical facilities.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Situated in Newark, New Jersey, this airport is another popular option for travelers to NYC.

Offers easy transportation links to New York City.


Multiple airlines operate direct flights from Canada to New York City, including:

Air Canada

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines


Flight Duration

Direct flights from Canada to New York City typically take around 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the departure city and airline.

Should you be looking to book a private surgery, contact Health Vantis for more details at 877-344-3544 or

Private Surgery During the Holidays

Private Surgery During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration for many Canadians. However, it can also be a difficult time for those who are in need of medical attention, especially for elective surgeries. With many hospitals reducing their services during this time, patients may face longer wait times and delays in getting the care they need.

One solution to this problem is private surgery. Private surgery clinics offer a range of services and procedures, including elective surgeries that may not be available through the public healthcare system. They typically have shorter wait times and offer more flexibility in scheduling appointments, making them an attractive option for patients who need medical attention, especially when many have vacation time during the holidays.

Private surgery does come at a cost. Patients should be prepared to pay for their procedures out of pocket, as it is not covered by the public healthcare system. However, there are financing options to make the cost more manageable.

Private surgery can be a viable option for Canadians who need medical attention during the holiday season. With shorter wait times, personalized care, and highly qualified medical personnel, private clinics offer an attractive alternative to the public healthcare system. Contact Health Vantis today if you’d like to schedule your private surgery over the holidays at 877-344-3544 or


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