Elective Hysterectomy in Ontario

Elective hysterectomy means that it is non-urgent and can be scheduled. The wait times in Ontario are not as bad as in the rest of Canada, but depending on where you are they can still feel long. Even though it is an elective procedure, many women feel that their well-being is compromised and waiting affects their mental health and quality of life.

If you are looking for a private hysterectomy option we can help. We work with a few medical facilities that offer it. Most of them are located in the US. All the facilities we work with in the US can do a remote review of medical records and a phone consultation. The pricing starts from about USD$8500 and goes up depending on what kind of hysterectomy is right for you.

The advantage of traveling to the US for this surgery is that you only make one trip. The type of hysterectomy will be determined by a GYN surgeon after they review your medical records. Once that is done, we can usually get your surgery scheduled within 2-4 weeks.

Recently, we added a Canadian medical facility to our list. Canadian women can now have laparoscopic hysterectomy here in Canada. The cost differs and medical records are subject to a review. The range is CAD$17,000 to $20,000. They require an in-person visit for a consultation. After the visit and if it is determined you are a good candidate they schedule the procedure within 1-3 months.

If you are looking for private hysterectomy options please give us a call or email us to discuss your options. We can be reached by toll-free at 877 344 3544 or by email at info@healthvantis.com

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