Private Surgery for GYN

Private surgery in Canada and the US can be expensive, especially if you don’t know where and how to look. Health Vantis has a prime location for Canadians looking to arrange private GYN surgery.  That location is in New York City.  Who doesn’t like to travel to the Big Apple?   This location has several direct flights coming from Canada to 3 different airports in the surrounding areas so logistically, there is not a better place to travel.  

The bonus to this facility is that the pricing is very competitive, in some cases, much more affordable than other locations we can offer.  The surgeons are top notch in their specialty and you are able to review their credentials and pick which one you’d like to have your surgery with. 

Health Vantis manages your case from start to finish.  We will get your consultation arranged, transfer the medical records, assist with pre and post-op requirements, book your travel and accommodations, prepare border letters and also handle the airline fit to travel guidelines with handicap assistance for your trip home.

Listed below are some of the private GYN surgeries offered.  Pricing is all-inclusive with surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee and Health Vantis’s fee for managing your case.

Bladder Prolapse Repair (Anterior Colporrhaphy) $6,599 USD Surgical repair of the front wall of the vagina.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy $9,570 USD Small incisions made in the abdomen near the navel area to remove the uterus with the aid of a thin, flexible tube containing a video camera.

Hysteroscopy, Endometrial Ablation $7150 USD A procedure to remove a thin layer of the endometrium tissue that lines the inside uterus.

Pelvic Floor Repair (Posterior Colporrhaphy) $6,599 USD Surgical repair of the back wall of the vagina.

Hysteroescopy with Biopsy $6,599 USD Exam of the inside cervix and uterus using a thin, lighted, flexible tube called a hysteroscope.  Tissue samples are removed and in some cases polyps or fibroids.

Polypectomy $1,899 USD – The removal of an abnormal growth of tissue.

For more information about how Health Vantis can assist you in booking your private GYN surgery at this location or elsewhere, please reach out to us at 877-344-3544 or

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