GYN Wait times in the Maritimes

GYN Wait times in the Maritimes

Most Canadians have experienced wait times within the health care system.  It is something they have had to accept as part of their health insurance.  Wait times have grown by 195% since 1993 when the average wait was only 9.3 weeks.  Today, the median wait time across all specialties is 27.4 weeks.  That is a tad over half a year.  In Novas Scotia, the median wait time is 58.2 weeks, which is more than a year.  GYN wait times are far greater, coming in at 110.7 weeks!  That is almost 2 years!

In some of the other Maritimes provinces, the wait is much greater.  For example, PEI has a wait list of 104 weeks to see a GYN specialist and then an additional 26 weeks for treatment.  That is approaching 3 years wait time, which is outrageous and unacceptable.  *It is important to note that if there is any kind of GYN cancer involved, the treatments are fast tracked.

Women in need of a GYN surgery, such as a hysterectomy, have significant, life impacting symptoms. Some of those include heavy periods, pelvic pain, prolapse of the uterus and/or cancer of the ovaries, womb or cervix.  The wait time to just see a specialist in Nova Scotia to treat these symptoms is 52 weeks.  Imagine bleeding continuously or having major pelvic pain for a year with no relief.  This can create other issues such as anemia, which in turn can cause weakness, tiredness, shortness of breath or irregular heartbeat.  It makes it incredibly hard for a female in distress like this to function in a normal manner with regards to family life and career.

What can be done to address this?  Unfortunately, not much unless you are willing to take things into your own hands.  The problem?  There are no private GYN’s in Canada.  This is one of those specialties that does not offer an option to pay out of pocket.  What can be done is to contact a medical facilitator, such as Health Vantis, who is connected to private GYN surgeons in the US that can help.  They can get you a consultation within a week or 2 and surgery within 2 weeks after the consultation in most cases.  Pricing is fair and affordable.

If you have been experiencing a long wait for a hysterectomy or other GYN surgery, contact us to find out your private options at or 877-344-3544.


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