Why A Medical Facilitator for Private Surgery

Why A Medical Facilitator for Private Surgery

We had an email inquiry last month asking for information regarding a private hip replacement.  We provided her with costs, including our transparent service fee, approximate wait time and locations as an initial start.  She responded by saying she had already contacted the facilities we work with and it took her all of 15 minutes to do so.  She proceeded to tell us that she didn’t need the services of a fraudulent company. 

For starters, we are not a fraudulent company.  We are a small business owned by two women who met at the carpool pick for our young kids.  We have been in business since 2016 helping many Canadians on the long wait list to access private options in a safe and timely manner.  Our company began out of a true desire to help Canadians navigate arranging a private medical service.   We had both experienced challenges within the system ourselves.  We both felt like it was a complicated, difficult, and down right challenging process.  Having some experience with US health care, we wanted to provide the guidance and knowledge on how to do it in a safe and effective manner.

Health Vantis is a medical concierge service.  I can assure you we spend more than 15 minutes on your case.  We dedicate many hours of our time to provide a seamless and thorough process to make sure your surgery is:  1) done in a safe manner and 2) a successful process.  We manage your case from start to finish and continue to follow up with you and the surgeon well after you are home recovering.  

Paying for private care can be incredibly expensive.  It is not always a simple process.  There are many things you may be unaware of or the extent of how much planning is needed to travel for surgery.  The last thing you want is to invest your time and money into something not being fully aware what is required of you or showing up to the surgeon’s office unprepared.  Paying a little extra to have someone who knows and understands the process to walk you through everything is worth the additional investment and will save you time in the long run.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.  

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