How to Prepare for Recovery after Your Private GYN Surgery

If you need a private GYN surgery your options are across the border in the US. Unfortunately, there are none that can be done here in Canada. Preparing for your travels and surgery should be planned in advance. Consider hiring a professional, such as a medical facilitator, as they have experience connecting people to reputable private medical facilities and taking care of all the logistical details of your journey.

Have a support system set up before you leave for surgery

Reach out to your trusted friends and family and let them know you are going for surgery and what kind of help you may need after you are back. Many people would be happy to help. Be specific with what you might need: getting groceries or simply visiting you.

Take some time off work

We advise our clients to take as much time as possible from work. Everyone is different in how they recover, some women are able to go back to work in 2 weeks and some need more time, 4 to 8 weeks. If you are able to work from home, this could be a nice option as well. If your work requires heavy physical activities, such as lifting, you may want to consider going on short-term disability for about 8 weeks post-surgery.

Do not rush your recovery by trying to do more too soon

As women, we tend to be taking care of many things but oftentimes think of ourselves last. After you had a GYN surgery, you may feel like you can still do a lot, but please do not rush things and allow yourself to rest. Your body will thank you for it, as you will be allowing it to heal. We had a couple of cases where women thought they felt “back to normal” only to experience a setback the next day because they overdid things. Take your time and rest.

If you need assistance planning your medical travel, Health Vantis can help. Contact us toll-free at 877 344 3544 or and we would be happy to assist.

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