Private Spine Surgery or Waiting for Your Turn

Imagine having serious back pain and needing surgery and then waiting for 58.9 weeks to get it! That is not something any Canadian who is experiencing back pain is looking forward to. Unfortunately, this is the reality of our universal health care. According to the Fraser Institute, in 2022 median wait time from referral by GP to treatment for neurosurgery was 58.9 weeks. This is an increase of 25.8 weeks from 2021.

Back problems are among the most common chronic conditions in Canada. Four out of five adults will experience at least one episode of back pain at some point in their lives. Not all back pain is resolved through surgery. Spinal surgery should be the last resort and other, non-invasive treatments should be tried first. However, even seeing a neurosurgeon to determine whether or not one needs surgery takes 45.7 weeks (median medical time waited from a referral by GP in 2022).

Some provinces fare better in their wait times to see a neurosurgeon. If you live in Quebec, you are in luck! The median wait time was only 4 weeks! Neighboring Ontarians are not so lucky, their median wait time is 78 weeks!!!

If you were put on a long medical wait list and would like to explore your private options Health Vantis can help. We will connect you to a reputable and safe medical facility and provide you with full medical concierge service from the first phone call till you are back home and are recovering. There are no wait times. We can get someone to surgery 3-4 weeks after we submit their medical records for review. To find out more information about our services please contact us toll-free at 877 344 3544 or by email

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