Private Surgery Pre-Op Testing

One of the steps to get ready for private surgery is pre-op testing. Most of it can be done locally, at no cost to you as provincial health plans cover these tests. However, you will need to see your family doctor and ask for requisitions to get the testing done.

Below are the most common tests and forms that are required. Each case is different, however, and there may be something that is needed specifically for your case. Health Vantis will inform you well in advance of all the required pre-op.


The most common blood work that is asked for includes CBC, sodium, potassium, creatinine, blood glucose, and sometimes INR. You can ask your family doctor for a requisition and get it done locally at a lab. The wait times should not be long and in some provinces, you can schedule blood work appointments online within just a couple of days.  The results can be sent directly to us or to the private surgical facility.

ECG/EKG or Cardiology Clearance

If you have no heart issues, such as previous cardiological surgeries, heart disease, or/and high blood pressure, usually ECG is sufficient. The requisition also should be obtained from your family doctor, at the same time as your blood work.

Sometimes a cardiology clearance is required. If you are able to see your local cardiologist to obtain it, that is the least expensive path. Some of the facilities we work with can suggest a local cardiologist that can schedule a consult on short notice to accommodate your surgery date. The cost varies per doctor and location and will be communicated to you by Health Vantis upfront.

Physical Exam from Your Family Doctor

A physical form is also required in most cases. It contains general questions about your past and present health history. Health Vantis will provide it to you to give to your family doctor to fill out. Your family doctor can either fax or email it to us, or fax it directly to the private surgical facility.

If you are considering private surgery and have any questions, we are here to help! Reach out to us by toll-free at 877 344 3544 or email

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