Private Surgery in the US or Canada – Post Op Care

Who will take care of me when I am back home? This is a question we often get asked when we discuss traveling for surgery with our potential clients.

Traveling for medical treatment can be overwhelming. Not only is there the actual research, calling, follow-ups, and travel planning, but there is also a worry about what happens when you get back home. Sometimes stitches need to be removed. What about following up further?

All these worries should be discussed with your medical facilitator, as they are very experienced with these types of situations and plan ahead. Below we provide the answers to the most common follow-up care when you are back home in Canada.

What if there is a complication?

Complications can happen after any surgery as any surgery carries certain risks with it. Usually during the initial consultation surgeons discuss possible complications and their rate of occurrence. If you are traveling to the US, we advise you to look into medical complications insurance. If it is in Canada, you will be covered by your provincial health plan.

If a complication occurs once you are back home, we advise that you go to the emergency room or see your family doctor. This is very rare as most complications occur within 24 to 48 hours of surgery and during this period of time you would still be at the location of your surgery and will be able to contact the facility or surgeon who performed your treatment for their help

Who will be removing my stitches when I get home?

On very few occasions there is a need to remove the stitches. Most of the facilities we work with use dissolvable stitches and there is no need to remove them. However, we advise our clients to inform their family doctor or nurse practitioner about their medical travel and ask them if they would be able to do this upon their return. We understand that such conversations can be difficult to have, but honestly, we are yet to hear about a family doctor who has not been receptive to surgery someplace else in order to get timely help. Family doctors know how long it takes and most are very receptive to such conversations. In addition, they provide insight and another opinion about the surgery, so it is always a good idea to keep your family doctor in the conversation.

Who would follow up with me post-op?

After the surgery, you will go back to a hotel to recover. Before you can travel back home, there is usually a follow-up in about 3 days post-op to clear you to fly or drive home. Depending on the type of surgery, sometimes there is a follow-up in two weeks post surgery and takes place virtually. Some of the facilities we work with in the US offer follow-up until it is no longer needed.

If you are curious about private surgery and would like to get more information about it, please contact us by toll-free 877 344 3544 or email and we would be happy to answer your questions.


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