Top 3 Things to Consider when Going for a Private Hysterectomy.

If you are put on a long waitlist for a hysterectomy, you are not alone. Many Canadian women wait unreasonable amounts of time. If you are researching and considering private hysterectomy, we have some information. We helped many people plan and go through with this surgery in a private manner.  The below 3 things often come on the top of considerations.

You will have to travel to the USA.

To our best knowledge, there are no private facilities that are able to do any GYN procedures here in Canada. It is available in a private manner in the US. Depending on where you reside, we try to connect you to the closest to your home facility, but it is not always the case.

Hysterectomy should be the last resort.

If you are seeking a hysterectomy, please remember that this should be your last option left. Some GYN issues can be effectively addressed with medications or less invasive procedures such as ablation. Medications (such as IUD) should be given sufficient time in order to see if it is working or not. This is especially important if you have not had children and are fairly young. Things may change in regard to your view on starting a family, but a hysterectomy can not be reversed.

Recovery times differ for everyone – be realistic.

We always tell our clients that this surgery is not to be taken lightly. Even if it is robotic or laparoscopic, it is still major surgery and you will need time to heal. Ensure you take some time off work. We recommend at the very least 2 weeks, and more if you are able to. Even if you are feeling great one day, go slow with increasing your daily activities. The last thing you want is a setback in your recovery.

If you would like to know more about obtaining a private GYN surgery such as a hysterectomy in the US please reach out to us by email or toll-free 877 344 3544

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