Private Custom Implant Knee Replacement

Many people may be familiar with custom knee replacement, but it still can be confusing what it means. Below we highlight some common terms as they relate to the actual implant for your new knee.

Traditional Knee Implant

In a traditional knee implant, the implant designs are based on a set of pre-determined measurements. The doctor will determine which one is the closest fit for each patient. The flaw that can occur is that there are 2 joints in each knee and they can be different heights, which can result in an imperfect fit. It can also create more cutting of the bone depending on the surgeons’ technical abilities.

There are other types of knee replacements that are sometimes referred to as custom. Implant manufacturers make different types of implants that will fit different genders or suit someone who is very physically active better, or make 90 different sizes of implants based on the past patient’s anatomy. This does not mean that the implant is custom-made for your knee. The surgeon will pick the best based on their knowledge and expertise.

True Custom Implant – Conformis

A Conformis knee replacement is a custom implant specific to the patient’s anatomy. A 3D image of the patient’s knee will be done prior to the surgery through CT Scan. The image is used to design an implant that will fit their anatomy as well as design cutting guides for the surgeon to follow as in a custom knee replacement. It prevents the surgeon from removing bone and can correct alignment issues more reliably within the knee. Another bonus is that the implant itself is thinner in size, which allows for less healthy tissue and bone removal. The less bone removed, the less trauma the knee endures and the less soft tissue disruption.

The surgery itself is much quicker.  You don’t have to try and fit the implants with off-the-shelf options or utilize stabilizing rods. It provides a more natural fit, less pain, swelling, and faster recovery time. There will be fewer difficulties within the knee down the road and longer life of the implant.

Our facilities are equipped to do both forms of knee replacement. If you are on the waitlist and want to explore your options, please contact us toll-free 877 344 3544 or email and we’d be happy to help!

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