Top 3 Things to Remember When Considering a Private Hip Replacement

If you are researching and considering a private hip replacement, we have some information. We helped many people plan and go through their medical travel journey.  The below 3 things often come on the top of considerations.

You will have to travel outside your home province.

Residents of Ontario can not get a private hip replacement in Ontario, residents of Alberta can not get a private hip replacement in Alberta, and so on. That is how the Canadian publicly funded health care system works. You can not pay for surgery in your home province if that surgery or procedure is covered by your provincial health care. However, a resident of Alberta can travel to Ontario and get a private hip replacement. It

Some provinces do not have much in terms of private medical facilities. For example, it is not possible to get a private hip replacement in Nova Scotia, PEI or New Brunswick.

Costs are important but do not go for the cheapest.

In Canada, we pay for our health care through our taxes. If you want private surgery, you have to cover the cost in addition to paying taxes. We absolutely agree that it is not fair. However, it is a way to get it done without a lengthy delay.  Do your homework, and base your decision on your surgeon’s expertise and how far you have to travel from home, not on price alone. Hip replacements are only slightly cheaper in India, but you will be flying across the globe and exposing yourself to many unnecessary risks.

Recovery times are to be considered – be realistic.

We always tell our clients that surgery is only halfway to getting rid of hip pain. The second half is on you and how you set up your recovery process. Physiotherapy, much-needed rest, and moving around only in the way that is beneficial to your post-surgery body all come after your doctor does their job. The more fit you are prior to surgery the faster the recovery. Quit smoking and try to lose excessive weight.


If you want to learn more about private hip replacements in the USA or Canada, please reach out by toll-free 877 344 3544 or email

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      Hi Karen, we would love to talk to you. Please give us a call at toll-free 877 344 3544 and we can provide you with more information. You can also find more information about hip replacements here and here.


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