New Travel Guidelines Effective Oct 1, 2022

On September 19, 2022 US President Joe Biden deemed the pandemic to be over.  That doesn’t mean COVID is no longer a thing, but that it is at a manageable level affecting our day to day lives and no longer an emergency.  Does this mean that our restrictions are going to fully lift and everything back to normal?  Possibly, as far as travel goes.  Effective Oct 1, 2022, Canada will lift all restrictions on travel to Canada.  The new order states that border requirements, including vaccination, mandatory use of ArrieCAN and any testing and quarantine/isolation requirements will end for all travelers entering Canada by land, air or sea.  The mask requirement aboard flights in Canada will no longer be required either.

This means that unvaccinated, non-citizens entering Canada will be allowed to cross the border.  Sports fans will be delighted that the unvaccinated players for MLB, NBA and NHL will no longer be prohibited.  It will also speed up and eliminate the hassle coming back into Canada.  

You can find more details to these new guidelines at:


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