Private Joint Replacement


Joint replacement surgery is usually recommended to alleviate severe arthritis. Joint arthritis affects about 6 million Canadians. It is more common to have arthritis at an older age.

Hip or knee replacement surgery has one of the longest medical wait times in the public Canadian health care system. It can take over 2 years! What if you do not want to wait? Can you get a private joint replacement?

Absolutely! Health Vantis has helped many Canadians get private surgery in a timely manner. We make your medical travel less stressful by managing all the logistics with white glove medical concierge service.

So what do you need to start? A set of recent X-rays is usually enough information for a private orthopedic surgeon to evaluate. If you have already seen an orthopedic surgeon, their medical notes are also required.

Some very important things to keep in mind when it comes to traveling to get a hip or knee replacement outside of your province.

You need a travel companion to accompany you. You will be released the same day after surgery and require a responsible adult to pick you up, take you to your hotel room, and keep an eye on you for the next few days.

Plan to stay put for 7 days. Your schedule will include a pre-op physical exam and necessary tests at the facility, surgery day, and recovery.

Your physiotherapy starts the same day as your surgery. It is very important to start as soon as possible and follow the program at home. We can help set up your physiotherapy appointments at home.

Your orthopedic surgeon will continue to follow up with you at 6 weeks post surgery and even further if need be.

Keep in mind that if you had cortisone injections, it is advised to wait 3 months before having any surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

So instead of two years of waiting in pain, we can help you get to a healthy you in about 4-6 weeks. Give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us at to get started.

Private GYN Surgery in the USA


Health Vantis is a Canadian women-owned company. As women, we know what it means to wait in pain from GYN issues. GYN surgery such as hysterectomy or fibroids removal can have lengthy delays in the Canadian public health care system. Unfortunately, there are no private GYN surgeries offered in Canada. Instead of waiting, Health Vantis can help facilitate a private GYN surgery in the USA.

What do you need to get started? A recent ultrasound or MRI of the uterus and specialists’ notes if they are available, are required. In some cases, we can help with just Ultrasound and MRI results.

The surgeon will determine if you need laparoscopic or open surgery. A physical exam will be done in person, to confirm the diagnostic report’s findings and ensure that you get the right medical procedure. The whole process usually takes 4-6 weeks. We will handle all the logistics of traveling for medical reasons.

Some things to keep in mind. There has to be a medical reason requiring surgery for us to be able to help. Reasons such as severe bleeding, cramping, and inability to function due to pain are some of them. Before you have a GYN surgery other non-surgical methods should have been tried and failed. Remember, surgery is the last resort for any ailment.

Another thing to keep in mind is the recovery time from any kind of GYN surgery. Even minimally invasive or robotic surgery requires 3-5 days stay in a hotel to get better before flying home. We recommend taking at least 2 weeks off from work after a GYN surgery and taking it easy for the entire time. Recovery time differs from person to person.

If you are seeking a hysterectomy as part of gender transition, there is quite a bit of protocol that has to be done prior with a specialized surgeon. It can be a lengthy process. Due to this, we are unable to facilitate the surgery for you.

If you would like to explore a private timely GYN surgery please reach out by calling us toll free 877 344 3544 or emailing

What Is Health Vantis?

Canadians, imagine this: You need medical help, you go see your family doctor, get your diagnostics done and get a referral to a specialist. And then you wait…and wait… and wait…Wouldn’t you agree that waiting in the unknown is frustrating and that your condition can get worse? After some time, you consider traveling for your surgery and paying out of pocket so that you can get your health back in a timely m


So, what do you do? You google your condition or surgery and try to be the best google doctor for yourself. You find a private facility and start calling, leaving messages, emailing, just to get an idea of HOW MUCH? You then repeat these steps with another facility, because you are a smart cookie and need more than one option. Finding the right facility and doctor takes time. It can take hours of research, emails, phone calls, and follow-ups.  Getting firm pricing for surgery is sometimes like pulling teeth, especially at bigger US medical establishments. There is a lot to consider and plan for. The entire process can be overwhelming, especially if you are in a lot of pain from your ailment.

What if we told you We have a Solution? Health Vantis takes all logistical work off your shoulders and gets you to private surgery and back home faster. W

e have done all the research beforehand. We manage your case so you don’t have to stress over the arrangements such as obtaining a price, coordinating medical record transfer, hospital paperwork, making flight, hotel, and transportation arrangements, and making sure a follow-up treatment plan is in place when you return home. Our personalized medical concierge service gives you peace of mind that the facility and doctor that will treat you are pre-vetted. We personally visit the facilities we work with.


We assist you all the way through your medical journey from day one until you are back home. If you are interested in finding out how our simple, 5 step process works, get in touch by calling toll-free 877 344 3544 or email