Our Customers Say Health Vantis is ‘Extremely Responsive’. The Health Care System? Not so Much.

Our Customers Say Health Vantis is ‘Extremely Responsive’. The Health Care System? Not so Much.

When we take a case on, we treat our clients as if they are one of our friends or family.  We understand the delays and pain they have been in, because we’ve also experienced them at one point or another ourselves.  Providing them with the support they need is one of our greatest strengths as a business.  When they have a question or concern, we handle it immediately and get them the answers they need quickly and efficiently.  We are proud of the dedication and service we provide our clients, because we know that when dealing with the Canadian health care system, the experience is much different.

Once a client has completed their medical journey to a better quality of life and they are back home recuperated, we follow up to have them complete a survey about their experience with us as well as the facility they had their surgery.  One of number one comments we get from our clients is that we are ‘extremely responsive’.  We try our best to be fully attentive knowing that they most likely haven’t experienced that with the health care system.  Unfortunately, people get lost in the shuffle of the long wait times, budget limitations and over worked health care professionals.  It is our main priority to make sure that does not happen.  They are after-all, paying for something the health care system should be covering and in essence, paying twice for.

If you have been forgotten about with the health care system, contact Health Vantis to assist you with a private surgery.  You will be our priority and we will be committed to you until you are back to a healthy self.

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