Private Surgery in Canada or the USA – What Our Customers Say

Health Vantis helps Canadians arrange their private surgeries in the USA or Canada. When clients contact us, we know they have tried every way possible to get their medical issues resolved locally. They contact us to get help in a timely and professional manner. Below there are some customer testimonials that we received in the past.

“I could have gotten a new car or a new hip. My new hip is 100 times more precious to me than a new car. That said, it is deeply disappointing to me that the Canadian health system has allowed joint replacements to be so low on the totem pole, especially for relatively young and active people who could get back to productive work and more enjoyable and productive lives, in general, more quickly if the waitlist was shorter.”

“I was very pleased with how quickly you began researching and organizing everything for us once we contacted you. Every question or concern either my husband or I had throughout the planning and trip, Health Vantis was there to research and answer for us.”

“I just wanted to let you know and to also thank you for helping me when no one else would. I won’t forget your assistance and know where to go or send others, should the need arise.  Thank you again.”

If you would like to learn more about private surgery without delays, please email us at or call us toll-free 877 344 344.

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