Private Robotic vs. Traditional Knee Replacements

When it comes to knee replacements, it takes a bit to sort out through all the information on the web about which one is the best for you. There are three main terms out there – traditional, custom implant, and robotic. Below you will see a brief description of each and possible pros and cons.

Robotic knee replacement

It is done with the assistance of a robot – Mako or Navio. A specially trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon uses a robotic arm to control the precision. This precision is achieved by first having a CT scan done to create a 3D model of the knee and then the robotic assistance allows a surgeon to more accurately place the implant.

Custom knee implant

Conformis and Zimmer are the two types of custom or personalized implants that are offered at the facilities we work with. Zimmer offers several different personalized implants to closely match your particular anatomical shape and size of your joint. Conformis designs each implant just for you using a CT scan, CAD mapping design, and custom fabrication technology. The Conformis implant is packaged in a box and is delivered prior to your surgery date.

Traditional knee replacement

Traditional knee replacement uses X-ray images and relies upon a surgeon’s visual evaluation of a knee. A surgeon makes a long vertical incision in the middle of the knee to be able to see the joint. Sometimes a minimally invasive technique is used, when the incision is shorter and is less invasive.

The best way to go about determining which one is right for you is to have a discussion with your orthopedic surgeon. In Canada, not all options are available in each province. It never hurts to check your options by getting a second opinion. If you are interested in learning more about robotic and custom knee replacement, contact us and we can set up a consultation with an experienced and highly qualified doctor. We can be reached at toll-free 877 344 3544 or by email

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