How much does a private knee replacement cost?

When it comes to costs of the private knee or hip replacement surgery in the US, it can vary widely. For example, the price for a knee replacement can start at about USD $30,000 go up as high as USD$68,000. Why such a difference? US healthcare operates differently than Canadian. The cost for any surgery to a person is determined by their private health insurance and the prices the insurance company negotiated with suppliers of medical services.

In Canada, private knee replacements are done at very few facilities and their costs do not vary widely. There are just a couple of provinces that are able to offer private joint replacements in Canada. These surgeries are not available to those Canadians residing in the same province as a private medical facility, with one exception of Quebec. So, if you are an Ontario resident, a private knee replacement in Ontario is not an option for you.

Health Vantis works with medical facilities in the US and Canada that are safe and offer excellent outcomes for a private knee replacement. The prices for a private knee replacement start from $28,000 USD & $28,000 CAD and can go up, depending on the location.

If you require more information about your options for private knee replacement, please reach out to us toll-free at 877 344 3544 or by email at

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