Private Hip Replacement in Canada and the US: What to Look for?

Planning for a private hip replacement can bring out a lot of unknowns. Taking time to do research and asking the right questions are part of the process. Below you will find some areas to focus on during your decision making.


Ideally, you would want to get your private hip replacement done in your home province. Unfortunately, this is never the case as the Canadian healthcare system does not allow it. So, you have to travel out of province. To be as close to home should be your first consideration. Flights over 4h increase the risk of DVTs. Flight connections add an additional hurdle, and if they can be avoided it will be easier for you to handle travel, especially after surgery.

Sometimes surgeon expertise and reputation take a priority over travel distance and our clients choose to travel further to see a highly sought-after specialist. We are well versed in booking air travel and always watch for the easiest route taking into account the complexity of traveling for surgery.


The more information you have about your doctor and the medical facility the better off you are. This information will help you make a decision on where to go for your private surgery. All facilities Health Vantis works with are licensed and accredited by US or Canada’s accrediting body to ensure safety and successful outcomes for our clients.

Board certification of a surgeon is a valuable credential. So are the number of surgeries they do a year and their complication rates. Health Vantis provides this information to all of our clients.

Patient Testimonials

Past experiences are certainly worth inquiring about. Health Vantis Testimonials page contains a few of our past clients’ testimonials. We also can ask a past client to contact you and tell you more. Patient privacy laws are always followed in setting up these conversations.

Traveling for medical reasons can be overwhelming. Health Vantis is an expert in the field and will guide you through the entire process. To find out more you can reach out to us at toll-free 877 344 3544 or by email at

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