Private GYN for Hysterectomy in Canada

In 2021, it was reported by the Fraiser Institute that the wait time from referral to GYN specialist to treatment was approximately 25.9 weeks.  That is an average of over 6 months.  In some provinces such as Nova Scotia, the wait time was 71.4 weeks.  In Prince Edward Island it was 119.2 weeks.  That is over 2.25 years!  Imagine being in pain, off work and/or not having the ability to have a normal day as you wait just to be treated for over 2 years.  That is just out right unacceptable.  

For many women, a hysterectomy is what they are waiting for.  Unlike orthopedic surgery, it is very difficult to find a private GYN within Canada to turn to.  This is the call we get most frequently for GYN inquires.  There are a handful of private GYN doctors that can do consultations, however, doing surgery for a hysterectomy is not something you will find on a private basis within Canada. There are, however, some minor procedures that can be done on such as: endometrial uterine balloon ablation, laparoscopic fibroid surgery, prolapsed uterus repair and uterine cavity scope.

The next best option is to go to the US for this surgery.  Due to COVID, it has been a little challenging getting across the border.  The rules have changed frequently in the past 2 years and as of now, you and your travel companion must be fully vaccinated to go to the US.  There used to be allowances for medical treatment, however, that is no longer being an acceptable reason unless it is something emergent.  A hysterectomy would not fall under that category.  It can, however, be done and for most women, the hassle of following some additional rules is worth it to them.

The pricing can range from $9,500-$15,500 USD.  It really depends on what type of hysterectomy you need, i.e. laparoscopic, abdominal or vaginal.  This is only determined once the GYN surgeon has reviewed your medical records and most recent ultra sound(s).  The stay in the US is normally around 7 days.

If you are spinning your wheels trying to find a private GYN in Canada to do your hysterectomy, stop searching as you will not find one.  Give us a call and we can connect you to an experienced surgeon in the US and help you navigate the process.  We can be reached at 877-344-3544 or

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