New Feature Available for Private Diagnostics!

New Feature Available for Private Diagnostics!

We get a lot of calls and emails for private diagnostic clinics.  In the past, we would assist in making the arrangements for someone to get a MRI, CT Scan, Colonoscopy, EMG and so on.  A non-refundable fee of $100 was required to make the arrangements for the person to pay for our time and expertise on knowing right where to send you.  Due to the influx of emails and calls we get for these, we had to think of a better way to field these inquiries to make the most of everyone’s time and money.

We now offer a list of all the private facilities, that we are aware of, available to you in Canada and a few cross border options for: MRI, CT Scan, Colonoscopy/Endoscopy, EMG, ECHO and Biopsy.  These are the most requested services we get inquiries for.  The list you receive will have the facility name, location, contact information, ie. phone number and email, and cost.

Most facilities require a referral.  Not all are willing to provide a cost to you unless you have a referral, therefore, we give a ‘starts at’ or ‘ranges from’ ballpark.  Once you submit your referral and they have reviewed it, an exact cost can be given to you.  In some instances, you might be requested to submit your doctor’s clinical notes.

EMG, echocardiogram (ECHO) and biopsy do not have many options within Canada, therefore, the list will be short.  Not all provinces have private facilities.   You are also not able to go to a private facility within your own province with the exception of Quebec and for MRI or CT Scan.  It is also important to note that while we will keep the most up to date pricing, it is subject to change at any time.  With COVID still an issue, some facilities have shut down temporarily.

Trying to locate a private facility within Canada is an easy google search, however, getting the accurate information and someone to call you back with pricing requires a lot of time and follow up.  The value of this is that you can have a complete list with private facilities’ phone numbers, email address and approximate cost on options available to you.  It will help you make an informed decision quickly as to whether or not you wish to wait for the system to get you in or to pay out of pocket.

To access a copy to the diagnostic test you need, click here!


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Private GYN for Hysterectomy in Canada

In 2021, it was reported by the Fraiser Institute that the wait time from referral to GYN specialist to treatment was approximately 25.9 weeks.  That is an average of over 6 months.  In some provinces such as Nova Scotia, the wait time was 71.4 weeks.  In Prince Edward Island it was 119.2 weeks.  That is over 2.25 years!  Imagine being in pain, off work and/or not having the ability to have a normal day as you wait just to be treated for over 2 years.  That is just out right unacceptable.  

For many women, a hysterectomy is what they are waiting for.  Unlike orthopedic surgery, it is very difficult to find a private GYN within Canada to turn to.  This is the call we get most frequently for GYN inquires.  There are a handful of private GYN doctors that can do consultations, however, doing surgery for a hysterectomy is not something you will find on a private basis within Canada. There are, however, some minor procedures that can be done on such as: endometrial uterine balloon ablation, laparoscopic fibroid surgery, prolapsed uterus repair and uterine cavity scope.

The next best option is to go to the US for this surgery.  Due to COVID, it has been a little challenging getting across the border.  The rules have changed frequently in the past 2 years and as of now, you and your travel companion must be fully vaccinated to go to the US.  There used to be allowances for medical treatment, however, that is no longer being an acceptable reason unless it is something emergent.  A hysterectomy would not fall under that category.  It can, however, be done and for most women, the hassle of following some additional rules is worth it to them.

The pricing can range from $9,500-$15,500 USD.  It really depends on what type of hysterectomy you need, i.e. laparoscopic, abdominal or vaginal.  This is only determined once the GYN surgeon has reviewed your medical records and most recent ultra sound(s).  The stay in the US is normally around 7 days.

If you are spinning your wheels trying to find a private GYN in Canada to do your hysterectomy, stop searching as you will not find one.  Give us a call and we can connect you to an experienced surgeon in the US and help you navigate the process.  We can be reached at 877-344-3544 or

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Complexities of the Spine

Complexities of the Spine

The spine is a very complex part of your body.  It has disks, nerves, a spinal cord, and 33 vertebrae divided into 5 sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx.  There are joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle surrounding it.  The spine supports your body to walk, twist and move and can hinder multiple areas to the rest of your body when something is amiss.  It is no wonder why one size does not fit all for someone who is experiencing spinal pain.  The complexity in treating it alone requires great skill, incredible knowledge of all these parts and how they affect one another.

We have seen dozens of cases for people needing a spinal surgery.  Not a single case was like the other.  They are almost all unique and never a cut and dry issue like someone needing a joint replacement.  A MRI only assists the surgeon in seeing what is creating pain, however, it is the knowledge of how and where the pain is produced in other areas of the body that they can form a true diagnosis and treatment plan.

A pain questionnaire is normally completed first.  It asks you to describe your pain and list where you are having it.  Is it sharp, intermittent, burning, dull, achy, pins & needles etc.  A whole other series of questions are also asked such as: how far can you walk without pain and for how long, can you go up stairs, does your pain go away while sitting or lying down, does your pain radiate or is it stationary, etc.  Neurosurgeons will do a physical exam checking for the strength you have in your arms and legs to pinpoint which area(s) are affected.  They take all of this detailed information to determine what is truly going on and what the best course of action is.  

Surgery is not always necessary and most definitely not the first treatment plan in the majority of cases, unless it was due to a traumatic injury and requires immediate attention.  There are many treatment plans to try prior to jumping into surgery.  Things like physiotherapy,  cortisone injections, facet joint blocks, rhizotomies, etc. are all non-invasive procedures for treatment to try first.  The goal is to attempt and repair the damage without surgery.  That is always a last resort.  Many times, the muscles surrounding the affected area need to be strengthened to allow the area to heal and that is all that’s needed.  Other times, something like cortisone might be appropriate.  

Regardless, spine ailments are tricky and can sometimes take awhile to determine what is going to work best for you.  It is also not something that can be healed over night.  Most treatment plans need to be tried for a minimum of 6-12 weeks before trying something else.

If you are a candidate for spine surgery and do not want to wait, contact us to have one of our facilities provide you with what might be the best course of action. or 877-344-3544.


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Updated Cross Border Travel Guidelines for Medical Purposes

Updated Cross Border Travel Guidelines for Medical Purposes

The rules regarding travel continue to change from what it seems like day to day or week to week.  In the past 2 years, getting across the border has been cumbersome to say the least.  We have tried to stay ahead of it so we know how to assist our clients so here are the latest rules per

All travelers must be fully vaccinated to enter the US and return to Canada.  Fully vaccinated definition is someone who is 2 weeks out from their last vaccine dose.  Proof of a negative COVID-PCR test taken 24 hours prior to departure is required to enter the US.  Proof of a negative COVID-PRC test taken 72 hours before arrival back to Canada is required.  Antigen tests are not acceptable in either country.  A previous positive test is acceptable if it has been 14-180 days in both countries. The person must be symptom free when they arrive in either country.

Proof of vaccination needs to be uploaded to ArriveCAN before they board a flight or reach land in Canada.  A paper or digital copy of proof of vaccination also needs to be carried with you.  If you meet these guidelines, you will not be required to quarantine.

Leave for medical treatment and return to Canada exempt from standard rules:

Persons who must leave and return to Canada to receive essential medical treatment or services in another country are exempt from standard rules.  This does not include surgeries or diagnostic tests that are deemed elective or non-urgent.

For individuals who require medical treatment or services (for example, life-saving treatment) outside of Canada, they must have:

  • upon leaving Canada, written evidence from a licensed health care practitioner in Canada indicating treatment or services outside Canada are essential; and
  • upon return to Canada, written evidence from a licensed health care practitioner in the foreign country indicating treatment or services were provided in that country


If you’re the person requiring medical treatment, you may have 1 person accompany you if:

  • you’re a minor or dependent child or
  • you require assistance in accessing the essential medical services or treatment

The accompanying person must meet entry requirements for their return to Canada. The accompanying person is exempt from quarantine and arrival testing, but will still be required to:

  • follow local public health guidance
  • wear a mask when in public, and
  • keep a list of close contacts for the 14-day period after arrival
  • if qualifies as fully vaccinated and they have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they would also be exempt from pre-entry test requirements.

If you are interested in private surgery and need help navigating the current rules, please contact Health Vantis to assist you in your journey so no detail is left out at 877-344-3544 or