Delay in Joint Replacement Surgery – What Happens to Your Body and Mind?

Canadians oftentimes face delays in obtaining timely medical care. Elective surgeries, such as joint replacements are among the longest waitlists in Canada. Pain caused by arthritis can be severe. It can prevent a person from enjoying their everyday activities and affect their quality of life.

Physically, delaying joint replacement surgery can cause more issues. Further damage, increased stiffness, and weakened muscles and other soft tissues around the joint can occur. These factors in turn can make your surgery more complicated and recovery more difficult.

We know that body and mind are connected in so many ways and changes in one affect the other. Being in physical pain will affect a person’s mental health. Not knowing when your surgery will take place and waiting for someone to call for months long can be frustrating. Frustration and despair may set in to bring in anxiety or depression.

If you are unwilling to wait and are considering private joint replacement, we can help. We assist Canadians to obtain their private knee and hip replacement through careful selection of safe and affordable medical facilities and providing our clients with personal and exceptional support throughout their medical journey.

To find out your options in private joint replacement give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544 or email us at

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