What is Health Vantis?

What is Health Vantis?

We get calls and emails on a daily basis asking if we are a medical facility.  WE ARE NOT!  We are a medical facilitation company.   We can assist you in finding a private facility within Canada or the US to do your surgery and/or diagnostic test.  Health Vantis does not employ medical professionals and cannot provide any kind of medical advice.  In fact, we are a 2 person, women run, small business based out of Halifax, NS.  Our business was created due to the frustration we both experienced within the Canadian health care system for ourselves and children.  

Our company focuses on helping individuals that are on a long wait list for diagnostic tests and/or surgery.  On occasion, we get calls for procedures not offered in Canada.  Most of the time we can assist you in finding a private facility, however, not always within Canada.  The private options in Canada are very limited.  Going for a private surgery will almost always involves travel.  

Traveling for medical care can get very cumbersome.  You will quickly find it takes hours of research, emails, phone calls and follow up.  There is a lot to consider and plan for.  Health Vantis helps you navigate all of this.  We have experience in working with a number of facilities that are used to treating medical travelers.  We know and understand what the requirements are and can assist you from start to finish so no detail is left out.  There are arrangements that need to be done that one might never even consider, such as a border crossing letter.

The entire process can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you are already in a lot of pain from your ailment.  We manage your case so you don’t have to stress over the arrangements such as obtaining a price, coordinating medical record transfer, hospital paperwork, making flight, hotel and transportation arrangements, and making sure a follow up treatment plan is in place when you return home.  With COVID, there are also additional hoops you need to jump through.  We keep you up to date and well informed on what those requirements will be.  

Our pricing is transparent.  We charge a $100 non-refundable fee to have your medical records transferred and reviewed by a surgeon or to make arrangements for a diagnostic test.  If you move forward with a surgery, we charge 10% of the cost of the surgery to manage the remainder of your journey.  The $100 fee initially paid is applied to this cost.   We spend a great deal of time communicating with our facilities and making sure you are in the loop on everything for the entire process.  

Health Vantis does not receive money from the facilities to bring them patients.  In fact, that is illegal and, in our opinion, unethical.  We recommend facilities that we think would be in your best interest based on your need(s).  We never make you commit to proceeding with a surgery and do not charge you if you decide not to pursue it, other than the initial $100 deposit.

Medical travel can be done but there are a lot of things to consider and coordinate.  If you would like to know what your options are, please contact us and we’d be happy to listen to your needs and come up with a solution for you.  We can be contacted at info@healthvantis.com or 877-344-3544.

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