Updated Border Crossing Restrictions

Updated Border Crossing Restrictions

On September 21,2021, the US decided to extend their non-essential travel restrictions between the US and Canada through October 21, 2021.  This includes fully vaccinated individuals.  The goal is to ease the restrictions to fully vaccinated individuals beginning November 2021.  These restrictions do not apply to people traveling for medical purposes.

Non-essential travel into Canada has been approved.  All travelers coming back into Canada must submit a negative PCR-COVID test taken within 72 hours of getting on a flight or crossing the border via car.  Rapid antigen tests will not be accepted.  If you are NOT fully vaccinated, you will need to quarantine for 14 days on your return flight/drive back into Canada and provide another negative PCR-COVID test 8 days after your return.  If you are fully vaccinated, you are exempt from quarantine and 8 day testing requirement.  You will need to upload a copy of your vaccination card through ArriveCAN within 72 hours before your travel along with your negative PCR-COVID test.

If you are considering medical travel, we can assist in making sure you understand and are aware of all current requirements.  Medical travel is considered essential travel and there would be no issues coming to the US should you travel there for treatment.

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