Private Clinics in Canada and the US and How to Find Them

When presented with long medical wait times some Canadians choose not to wait and seek private surgery or treatments somewhere else. The US is the closest and most familiar destination. However, there are certain challenges, such as costs. Big names such as Mayo and Clevland charge so much that only a few select can afford it.

What can you do if you are seeking private healthcare in the States but are not able to afford 50K+ bills? One of the things you can try on your own is google medical specialties in the US destination closest to you and call them to find out the pricing and availability. This requires your dedicated time, persistence and energy. Not all facilities in the US see patients from Canada, but some, especially in border towns have set up out-of-pocket pricing and see many Canadians fed up with long medical wait lines. Make sure that pricing given to you includes facility, anesthesia and surgeon fees.

Hiring a medical facilitator to do all the leg work for you is another option. They usually already have established relationships with certain US medical facilities. A reputable medical facilitator would be able to talk to you about your private surgery options based on your request. They can give you the surgical facility and doctor’s background, such as the number of procedures done per year, complications and infection rates. Nurse-to-patient ratios and patient experience should be discussed.

Another advantage of hiring a medical facilitator is that they will take care of all the logistical arrangements so you can focus on your health. Traveling for medical reasons can be overwhelming.  A good facilitator will add value by taking care of all these logistical worries such as gathering your medical records and safely transferring them for a medical review, setting up a phone consultation with a doctor, making hotel, flight and transportation reservations. They should serve as your single point of contact for all your medical travel needs.

If your hope is to stay in Canada for private surgery, there is hope. Some private clinics exist, but there are few. Some of them are only accessible to out-of-province Canadians. Your medical facilitator can discuss these options with you.

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