Private Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implant surgery can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It involves placing a prosthetic device inside the penis and scrotum. Such a device helps achieve an erection and regain sexual function. The surgery is usually recommended for those who tried other treatments such as medication or a penis pump, but they didn’t work.

In Canada, different provinces have different coverage for penile implants. Check with your urologist or family doctor what is covered and if you qualify. Because implants permanently change the tissue in the penis, they are not used for men whose erection problems are psychological. When considering private surgery for erection problems, it is important to include your partner in your decision.

If you were put on a lengthy provincial waitlist and are unwilling to wait, we can help. We have established relationships with accredited outpatient surgical facilities in the US that can do the surgery without the wait. Contact us toll-free 877 344 3544 to find out more information.

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