Exercise After Private Joint Replacement

Are you going for a hip or knee replacement or just had one? Are you wondering how the recovery will go? Well, it depends not only on the outcomes of your surgery but also on you and how committed you are to your recovery process. In other words, you will have to work hard consistently to make sure that your recovery is progressing.

After a joint replacement surgery, your exercises program should start on the same day, after you recover from the anesthesia. It needs to be done under close supervision and the assistance of a physiotherapist. An experienced professional will guide you through a number of exercises to build up your muscles around your new knee or hip. Strengthening these muscles will help support your new joint. Balance and flexibility exercises are also important and your physiotherapist will introduce those to you and observe you doing them, advising on corrections if necessary.

You will also need to do cardio exercises to get your heart rate up. Walking with poles is an option if you are experiencing challenges with balance and stability. The elliptical machine and stationary bicycle are good options as well. They are low impact and will get you started until you get into the swing of peddling with your new joint.

When going for your private hip replacement, make sure you have a plan for post-op recovery exercise. If you already have a physiotherapist, keep working with them after your surgery. If you need to find someone, ask your medical facilitator to connect you to one. If you have any questions about private hip or knee replacement and what it may involve, please reach out to us tool free 877 344 3544 or email info@healthvantis.com

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