5 Questions People Are Asking About Surgery During COVID-19

5 Questions People Are Asking About Surgery During COVID-19

COVID-19 has really affected all of us in the past year.  Life goes on and we still need to take care our health.  Our health care providers have worked extra hard this year to keep us all safe and healthy.  That includes in the operating room.  Many have wondered if it’s safe to even have surgery.  The answer is yes.  It is probably even safer with the added precautions being done to protect everyone involved from any kind of contamination.  Here are 5 other questions you might also be wondering about:

Will I need a COVID-19 test before I go into surgery?

All hospitals and outpatient surgery centers have their own rules, however, most likely, you will need one.  If it is something emergent, and you do test positive or they can’t get your results back quick enough, then the heath care workers take extra precautions and proceed with the surgery.  If it is something non-urgent, they recommend you have a negative PCR test prior to having your surgery.

Is my surgery going to be delayed due to COVID-19?

Unfortunately, yes, in most cases.  Canada already experiences long surgery delays and COVID-19 has created a bigger back log.  Last year, many elective surgeries were cancelled to free up beds for COVID-19 patients.  Those surgeries were still needed so obviously, they have to be rescheduled taking up spots for new people requiring surgery.

Will having COVID-19 or having had the vaccine interfere with anesthesia?

There is not any evidence indicating COVID-19 or being vaccinated for the virus interferes with anesthesia.  Having surgery does put stress on your body and can temporarily weaken your immune system.  Most experts have been recommending you wait until you are fully recovered from the virus, if you recently had it, or you have been fully immunized before proceeding with your surgery.

I have not been vaccinated for COVID-19 yet.  Should I wait until I am?

It has been recommended that all eligible persons should get the COVID-19 vaccine.  If you are currently eligible to have the vaccine, and you are having a non-urgent surgery, it is recommended that you get the it prior to your surgery.  If you are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, find out from your surgeon what their protocol is for this.

I have just been vaccinated for COVID-19.  Is it still safe to have surgery?

Yes, according to experts, if it is something non-urgent.  They recommend your surgery be scheduled at least 2 weeks after your final dose of the COVID-19 vaccination so you are fully protected.

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