Benefits of Private Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Many Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their lives. While non-surgical options should be tried first, sometimes surgery is necessary to eliminate the pain. Spinal surgeries offered in the past were quite involved requiring overnight stay in the hospital and months of rehabilitation. Over the years they evolved and less invasive options with optimal outcomes are now available. One of the recent developments is spinal surgery using an endoscope. Endoscopic spine surgery has many benefits over traditional spinal fusion.

Day Surgery vs Stay in Hospital

Endoscopic spinal surgery allows surgeons to access and address spinal pathology without the morbidity associated with traditional techniques. It allows doctors to perform an ultra-minimally invasive decompression when a fusion might have been necessary. People can be released to go home within a few hours of surgery and only take Tylenol for post-op pain while recovering.

Pain Management Centered Approach

When seeking spinal surgery, patients are most concerned with their pain and eliminating it through surgery. Ultra-minimally invasive surgeries such as endoscopic dorsal rhizotomy eliminate the pain. The surgery uses an endoscope allowing a surgeon to visualize the nerves and ablates the ones that send pain signals from the joint to the brain.

Smaller Incisions Allow Faster Healing

Using a tiny camera inserted through the special tube using a 1-inch incision allows doctors to see the operative site. The camera guides and assists the surgeon during the surgical procedure.  Smaller incision means less tissue and muscle damage, which also means less blood loss and less post-op pain. All that leads to faster overall recovery.

Regional vs General Anesthesia

In most cases this surgery can be performed using regional anaesthesia instead of general, decreasing the overall risks in patients who are older or have other medical conditions that may increase surgical risk. The patient is awake during the endoscopic procedure and does not need intubation, which is an advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Avoiding intubation protects staff from exposure to respiratory secretions directly from the lung.

If you have dealt with back pain for a while and non-invasive methods did not help, we will be able to get your diagnostic scans such as MRI reviewed to see if you may be a candidate for private endoscopic surgery. Gives us a call to find out more details toll-free 877 344 3544. *Please note that there are no private surgical facilities in the Maritimes and you will have to travel outside of your home area.

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